Through The Keyhole finds Kerry Katona Sex Toys

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Has Through the Keyhole gone a bit too far this time?  Keith Lemon found sex toys in Kerry Katona’s house!  I’m all for reality shows like this one!  Not that Kerry would use anything like that; I’m sure they were there for research purposes only.

Kerry Katona

OUTRAGEOUS funnyman Keith Lemon went nosing round Kerry Katona’s house for ITV’s Through The Keyhole — and uncovered a secret stash of sex toys.

Kerry, 32, threw open the doors of her sprawling Surrey pad to Lemon — who replaces former snooper Loyd Grossman in the revamped show.

But she may have regretted it when he stumbled over the embarrassing haul in the pilot filmed last week.

One audience member said: “At one point Keith pulls open a drawer and inside is a big sex toy and other kinky paraphernalia.

“He makes a big meal out of it and the audience just fell to pieces laughing.

“None of the panel could keep a straight face.”

There were more surprises in store for comedy character Lemon, who also visited Sun columnist Alex James’ Oxfordshire farm and boxer Amir Khan’s pad in Bolton.

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So has Through the Keyhole gone too far? Is it OK to browse around people’s homes and expose whatever you see to the prying eyes of the public?  Let me know your feelings about that! What’s to hide in your home:


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