Three Days in the Life of a Television Script Writer

The life of a television script writer is very exciting and out of the ordinary. Have you ever wondered what it would be like? Well here’s an article exposing 3 days in the life of a television script writer . This person writes for ITV Studios. Enjoy!

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3 Days, 5 Meetings and Sausage and Chips with Lynda La Plante
Tuesday 1st October 2013

It’s always nice to chat with Lynda.

She’s a great host for a start and she’s a breath of fresh air in the very tricky world of TV Scriptwriting. As a lady with more experience than I can only hope of having, she’s incredibly generous with her time and knowledge. She helps me in the hope that we’ll work together soon; I hope her faith in me pays off for both of us!

We discussed several projects which are all at various stages of development but, one of the most exciting things to come from this particular meeting was that Lynda suggested I’d make a great novelist! That’s not a recommendation I’m going to ignore!
Wednesday 2nd October 2013

A day off at Windsor Castle in between two days of meetings.

Thursday 3rd October 2013
10am. Wall to Wall Productions make New Tricks and are always eager to meet new writers who may have new and exciting ideas. It’s worth an hour of any writer’s time to sit down for a chat with forward-thinking companies.
12.30pm. I’m adapting a novel into a film, so caught up with the novelist for lunch.
2pm. A strange thing happens when you get into the lift at ITV Studios in Waterloo – you can judge people based on which floor they get off at. Floor 21 of 22… my floor… is an impressive one by all accounts as that’s where the Director of Drama lives.

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The  life of an ITV script writer seems very exciting and out of the ordinary. If I was a television script writer, I’d be all over the country and world finding out how people live in the areas I was writing about, sampling the local cousin and greeting local people. What would you do?

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