This Mornings Holly Willoughby wanted to open Shorehams new footbridge!

The ITV presenter is thought by the residents of the sleepy seaside town to be the perfect celebrity to cut the ribbon on their brand new bridge.

Holly Willoughby
Holly Willoughby

Well it seems that royalty just isn’t good enough for the residents of Shoreham-By-Sea who have rather pooh poohed the idea of His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester (the Queens very own cousin no less) to be honoured with the task of opening their shiny new footbridge which cost over 10 million pounds to build and stretches over the local river Adur.

Deeming the Duke too ‘boring’ with not many people even able to recognise him, the rebellious residents have instead put forward the lovely Holly Willoughby as their favourite buxom TV blonde and think she would be much more appropriate to do the honours.

We can understand it of course, a beautiful young blonde with a dazzaling megawatt celebrity smile, hair blowing in the salty sea air with a shapely dress fluttering in the breeze, or a 69 year old Duke who people have trouble putting a face to the name (no offence Duke of course!)

Holly is TV presenting gold and has been part of our TV not to miss shows for many years not only presenting on quality breakfast shows such as This Morning but also other extremely popular series such as Strictly come Dancing and the bawdy and humerous Celebrity Juice.

We are sure the male residents of Shoreham-by-Sea were also keenly behind the idea as Holly is not only known for her charming presenting skills but has also been given the honour of being included in the Wonderbra hall of fame and has bagged prestigious awards such as Best Celebrity Cleavage on National Cleavage Day!

Of course it makes sense that Holly should open the bridge as she’s a local girl, Brighton born and bred and her father is also a successful local businessman.

The towns desire to get the celebrity to join them was so strong that they set up a Facebook campaign which gained over 2500 members!

Unfortunately it looks as though their dreams might be dashed as the Council has waded in with West Sussex County Councillor Pieter Montyn saying that the presence of royalty opening the bridge would be very fitting as the Duke is actually a fully qualified architect himself. (Unfortunately Holly Willoughby is not.)

When asked Holly responded saying ‘I’m extremely flattered that the residents of Shoreham would like be to open the new Adur Bridge.’ She however went on to say that she would not be fulfilling the dreams of many of the residents their explaining ‘I think when it comes to the grand opening of bridges, I think it is probably better left in the capable hands of the person who is 22nd in succession to the throne –the Duke of Gloucester –as opposed to myself, who is third in line to my Nan’s tea set’

Oh well Holly it was certainly worth a try, looks like the Duke will have to do after all!

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