This Morning discusses –Do celebrities have the right to privacy?

ITV’s This Morning get involved in the Celebrity privacy debate

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

In the recent past the extremely successful boy band member Harry Styles won a court order which meant that the paparazzi has to stop hassling him. Since he shot to fame in the X Factor as part of the all boy group One Direction he has been followed and harassed by hungry paps wanting that perfect picture of him wherever he goes.

He isn’t the first celebrity to take the paparazzi to court over their antagonistic behaviour and their overstepping the mark in order to find juicy secrets about the stars. However this has sparked the old debate –if you don’t want this kind of attention, don’t be a celebrity.

The argument is of course that all the rewards that come with being famous, the money obviously, being adored by fans worldwide, the girls, the attention etc has to come at a price, and it seems that price is your private life. Harry however put his foot down when it came to some of the methods that were being used in order to obtain pictures and information about him.

Blue singer Lee Ryan appeared on the This Morning sofa to discuss the topic. He has, in the past, had confrontations with photographers where he has lashed out at them for being too obtrusive and aggressive. He believes there is a difference between taking pictures of the celebrities when they are in celebrity mode i.e. on the red carpet at a premier or at a signing/ concert etc, and when they are just out and about trying to get on with their lives.

He said:

“It’s a hard thing to kind of grasp when you first get in the industry.(The paparazzi) can be very intrusive and goad you to get a reaction from you. I have seen first-hand the way paparazzi behave and it can be quite despicable sometimes. For example I’ve seen paparazzi put their cameras up women’s skirts; I mean that’s just below the belt, that is disgusting.”

However the alternate argument is that the paparazzi and press make the celebrities successful. If there were no pictures of them, no stories, no articles about them in the press, then no one would really know who they are.

Ex editor Neill Wallis said that if a person wants to use the media to get famous they have “done a deal with the devil”.

He said: “When you do this, when Lee chose to be a member of Blue, they knew exactly what they were doing. There is a basic truth which is to become the world’s biggest boy-band you have to get lots of young teenage girls screaming after you and you have to have your photograph taken a awful lot. It has very little to do with the talent of the song. There is no sadder sound in the world than a star from a boy-band ringing you up and saying “but I was on the red carpet last night, why isn’t my picture in the paper?”

It’s a tough argument and we can certainly see it from both sides, however if a pap is causing an individual, however famous, distress and possibly putting them in danger then perhaps they should ask themselves –is it really worth it?

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