Things aren’t looking great in Hollyoaks for Mercedes, will the truth be revealed?

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Sylver is trying his best recently to make Mercedes happy. He tries a grand gesture in getting his an old rundown caravan for Mercedes birthday, thinking it is the most romantic gift. Mercedes is left in shock and wonders if Sylver really knows her at all, as this is the last thing Mercedes would ever want for her birthday. However she later realises that he was just trying to bring back some old family holiday memories of when they first fell in love. Nana is always looking out for Mercedes and tells to to try and give it a chance, as she is lucky to have Sylver, after everything she’s done!

But the happiness may be short lived, as Joel gets his hands on Harrys old phone. On his phone is evidence that Mercedes was guilty for the hit and run that killed Grace. This is one of the villages biggest secrets. Joel goes straight to Mercedes to let her hear the recording and tells her she has to tell the truth to her family or he will go to the Police.

Mercedes goes straight to Liam and begs him for his help. His plan is to break into Joels house and try and steal the phone with the evidence. He also has a backup plan of trying to bribe the priest, but will he succeed?

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