Things are starting to get violent in Corrie

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Gary and Derek’s feud looks to be coming to a head as it’s been revealed the two end up in a shootout at the Rover’s Return pub.

The beef between the two was quite clearly going to take a step up after Derek started trying to sell what is essentially Gary’s business. In a vengeful move, Derek has been trying to get Nick and Sarah to buy the factory from him. This is all in spite of the fact that Derek is only meant to be the face of the business whilst Gary remains the real owner. Ignoring this, Derek has been trying to encourage the couple to raise the funds so he can grab the cash and dash. In desperation, they’ve resorted to asking the factory’s workers to cheap in and make it happen.

When Izzy, who works in the factory, asked Gary for a loan to cover her share he clocked on to what was happening.

Derek’s already confronted Gary in the Rover’s Return pub, and now we know things are going to get crazy.

On Christmas day, Gary rocks up to the pub with a gun he found after Fiz left it in his furniture shop. A siege and shootout situation begins and people’s lives are threatened. After Gary lures him outside to keep people safe they end up getting physical on top of the Helter-skelter in the Winter Wonderland outside.

We don’t know just quite how it all turns out but Maria, being Gary’s girlfriend, gets some of the flack for all the commotion.

Whilst Maria thinks that Gary’s move to distract the armed Derek was an admirable move, others seem to be less impressed by the debacle.

Maria’s going to have more to worry about than her social life if people get hurt during the pub shootout, though.

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