Things are looking worse for Robert, will he get life in prison?

Tonight we will see that Robert Sudgen, played by Ryan Hawley, may be facing life behind bars after we see Lee Posner wake up from his coma and blaming Robert.

Robert and Aaron had been meeting with Natalie who is their potential surrogate, however tings all went wrong whenever the Police turned up saying that Lee had woke up from his coma and given his side of events, that did not match with Roberts version. This then made Natalie feel she could not be the couples surrogate, and she said she wanted what’s best for the baby, before walking out.

Lee’s side of the story was that both Robert and Victoria have a vendetta against Lee and then they attacked him unprovoked, so the charges would be grievous bodily harm. Roberts solicitor advised him that if he were to get the maximum sentence, he would be looking at life in prison.

The Po;ove knew about all the attempts Robert made to discredit Lee, e.g. putting up posters around the village, and an ill-fated plot that put Dawn in the harms way.

Robert goes home to talk to Aaron about things, but decides to play down how bad the outcome may be. Aaron also thinks he may only get charged with a year in prison, not realising it could be a lot worse. Aaron thinks they will be just temporarily putting off starting a family together.

Emmerdale have confirmed that Robert will be leaving the show later in the year, after 5 years on the show.

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