The X-factor competition question

X Factor has become one of the most popular entertainment shows today. The people love the show so much not only because it is very interesting but also because of the fact that they get one x-factor competition question at the end of every few episodes.  The winners, which are the ones who had given the correct answer, get various types of prizes including international trips, exciting commodities and chance to meet internationally famous singers and performers.

What is an x-factor competition question?

The x-factor competition question is not any typical hard question or has anything to do with the show. Most of the questions asked in the show are general ones, the answers of whom could be given by even kids. Some are based on current affairs while other plainly simple. A typical example of x-factor competition question would be: Fill in the missing word in the sentence: Where there is a will, there is a ­____. “Way” is the answer indeed. So, you see how easy the questions are? The makers of the show wanted the maximum audience participation and so they put those questions which could be answered by people of any age.

How to submit your answer to x-factor competition question

Get off the XNow that you know about these questions and how easy are they you might be wondering how you could participate as well. In order to participate in the competition the first and the most important thing that you need to do is watch the show regularly. This is because without that you won’t know when the question has been asked in the show.

Now, when you have got the question and the answer you will have to choose the option for submitting the answer. You will be having multiple choices regarding this. You could either SMS them or even call them to give the answer. Generally, their questions come with three choices for answers. These choices or options are marked with alphabets A, B and C with which the answers are attached. You will have to submit the answer by referring it by the option and not by the answer directly.

If you want to submit the answer by calling them then you will have to call on 090 49 59 69 79. Otherwise if you prefer SMS then you will have to send an SMS to 84066 with your choice of option like A,B or C. You will be charged a pound in addition to the standard SMS cost. For the call you will be charged 1.03 pounds. Make sure you submit your answers before Saturday evening as typically the lines are closed by them after that.

The x-factor competition question fever is contagious and more and more people are engaging into it. If you haven’t tried it out ever and believe you could win it then what is stopping you? Go ahead and give it a shot. You might not win in the first attempt but when so many chances you might win it someday for sure.

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