The Saturdays Name New Album after ITV Quiz Show!

The Saturdays have named their new album after the ITV quiz show, The Chase.  We have a short blurb about it below, but be sure to follow the read more link to see the video!  The image below sure makes me want to chase… the Saturdays!

The Saturdays

CELEB NEWS: The Saturdays have announced their next album will be called The Chase.

The album, named after the itv quiz show of the same name, will be their fourth studio album and will include their new single ‘What About Us’ which is released on March 17th.
Meanwhile the group’s reality series, Chasing The Saturdays, premieres on E! in the US on 20th January and here on 3rd February.

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The Chase is a great name for the Saturday’s new album coming out in the U.S. on January 20th.  What do you think their next album should be named?


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