The Queen volunteered to be part of the James Bond sketch at the Olympics


Danny Boyle was a guest at Jonathan Ross’s show and he revealed some interesting facts about his James Bond sketch filmed for the London Olympics last summer.

We were all surprised when we saw the Queen appearing alongside Daniel Craig, aka James Bond, before she arrived at the Opening Ceremony at the Olympic Stadium. But nobody knew that she actually volunteered to appear in that spoof, Danny Boyle wasn’t the one to ask her! He wanted to use a lookalike, perhaps Helen Mirren.

The idea was to do something different than bringing in the Head of State and sing the National Anthem, so they wrote the James Bond sketch. They send the script to the royal representatives, to get their approval and make sure they will not be embarrassed by it, and they came with the idea.

And we sent it in to them, and we were asking really for permission for them to accept that it wouldn’t embarrass them and we’d get a double, a good double, and we were thinking Helen Mirren. Who could we ask who’s a really good actor?  They came back and said ‘we’re delighted for you to do it, and Her Majesty would like to be in it herself’ – and the surreal thing, ‘she would like to play herself, Boyle recalled.

The Opening Ceremony creative director continued: She said ‘what do you want me to do?’, and I told her and she said ‘fine’. So we got in and we started doing it and then she said ‘don’t you think I should say something?’ and I said ‘yes, OK, what do you suggest?’ She said ‘I’ll do something’ and we started shooting and she turned round and she said her lines beautifully.

Who would have expected this?!