The Great British Bake Off – 1st week – Part Two!

1st Technical Challenge – Secret to success is accuracy!
6 Identical Angel Cake Slices – Each made with 3 layers of Genoise Sponge. The sponge layers must be sandwiched with an Italian Meringue butter cream. Topped with icing and feathered!

And the judges results:

13th Jamie

12th Helena

11th Michael

10th David

9th Dan

8th Phil

7th Priya

6th Michelle

5th Alice

4th Amelia

3rd Steph

2nd Rosie

1st – The winner is Henry!!!

Now for the GBBO – The Showstopper bake
A birthday cake, you dreamt of as a child

Helena – Is making a fairy garden – Away with the Fairies cake.

Michelle – Is making a Fairy House Cake, with carrot cake, orange and cinnamon flavours.

Steph – Is making a dropped upside down Ice-cream cake

Priya – Is making a Once upon a time chocolate orange sponge of a story pop-up book.

Henry – Is making a cake around his favorite childhood cake – Secret Woodland Cake.

Jamie – Is making a salted caramel sponge – Schnauzer birthday cake. Jamies messed up already as he forgot to put in the eggs, and has to start again!

Most contestants are having to bake their cakes in batches to build their creations.

Alice’s cake is called ‘Like a child in a sweetshop’, it has an Iced biscuit canopy.

Amelia, David and Phil are using rice krispie and marshmallow to sculpture their cake

Phil is making a retro rocket cake, sherbert flavoured, a nod to the 1969 moon landings.

Amelia is making a red velvet sponge Carousel cake.

David’s showstopper is a snake! A green chocolate and orange cake with tongue, fangs and snake skin!

Rosie is making a Jungle cake. She’s making a tree out of chocolate, with a fondant monkey and also with a snake!

Michael is making a treasure chest cake, heaving, cinder toffee filled and molten sugar.

Dan is making a pirate Island cake, with 5 tiers of lime and coconut sponge.

And the final verdicts…

Michelle – Whoa, absolutely exquisit, neat and tidy. Great looking. Prue is dribbling! Prue thinks it’s wonderful. Balance of spices. Paul says it’s faultless.

Helena – Delicate and charming, woft of chocolate, fantastic sponge, coffee blends with the chocolate

Priya – doesn’t look like a book, clumsy. Slightly dry.

Alice – Really impressive, didn’t collapse. Some a bit rough and ready. Beautiful cake, deliciously balanced

Phil – makes Prue feel nostalgic. Good design. Prue says a little too sweet. Needs more sharpness.

Henry – Done a good job. rich chocolate, good with blackberry

Amelia – very restrained with colours. She ran out of time. Doesn’t taste good, slightly off the mark

Steph – looks great, crumbly cake. Bit over-baked.

David – Looks amazing, baby snakes in the Egg.  That is a beautiful cake. Paul says, Well done David

Davids Snake cake, with baby snakes in the egg – Pic by

Rosie – Little bit simplistic, bit clumsy. Prue disagrees. Equal layers, baked beautifully, silky smooth, interior works.

Michael – Treasure chest, looks great, great design. Great looking sponge. Prue likes the texture. Need to think about your flavours

Dan – It’s a waterfall, clever. strong coconut. Can’t get the curd flavour.

Jamies schnauzer cake – with nice dog biscuits inside. A whole slice would be overwhelming. Over-baked. Not a lot of finesse.

And so….who is leaving and who is staying….

Jamie is in trouble, and struggled with showstopper. Dan struggled with the flavour of his cake.

After much deliberation and a great first week on GBBO:

Star baker is – Michelle

Contestant leaving us – Dan

Next week.…. Biscuits, with a signature bake completely covered in chocolate, a classic old school technical, and an intricately detailed giant biscuit sculptures!

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