The Gadget show competitions -are the the best prizes ever?

The latest series of The Gadget show was a stomping success

The Gadget Show
The Gadget Show

Presenters old and new came together on the latest series to test and assess the latest must have gadgets. Old favourite Jon Bently returned in the latest series along with long standing presenters Jason Bradbury and Polyanna Woodward. A surprise addition was Rachel Riley who recently found fame as the new Countdown presenter, taking over from the legendary Carol Vordeman. No easy shoes to fill. Riley did well on the show having been initiated into the team she then set out trying out some of the weirdest and most wonderful gadgets around.

The Gadget show first hit British TV screens in 2004 with an aim to review the latest gadgets and communicate the latest technology news to the general public. It wanted to make the show accessible to everyone, not just tech geeks, but without dumbing down the content. It succeeded. The show was originally a series of 30 minute episodes but due to its ever growing popularity the time was increased, first to 45 minutes and eventually to an hour long slot.. The show is aired on Channel 5 with repeats to be found on Discovery Science and Dave. It has also spread to find international fame being aired on Australia’s Lifestyle channel.

During the series the gang travelled far and wide to check out the strangest and most brilliant technological inventions across the globe. Stops were made in Israel, Switzerland, Germany, Scotland and London.

Episodes tend to be a mixture of product reviews, recommendations and advice on topics such as internet safety. They also tend to top it off with some sort of off the wall challenge that the team must face. For example in a recent episode Rachel and Jason set out to build their own flying machine. This saw Jason attempt to fly by launching himself into the sky attached to 16 rotary blades which were spinning fast enough to knock his head off! A daring and crazy stunt indeed, but was it entertaining? why yes it was!

Of course something that sets apart the gadget show from its rivals, and indeed other TV series is the amazing prize giveaways that regularly feature on the show. Prizes include a plethora of the latest and most brilliant gadgets, anything from phones to computers to cars have been featured in the competitions, which are worth tens of thousands of pounds!

Image courtesy of Phil [email protected]