Home and Away: The day of Irenes trial has arrived, will the truth come out about Tommy…

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This week in Home and Away, the trial is finally upon us! Irene will take to court over her attack on Tommy. Emotions will be running high, but what will be the outcome for her, will she be facing a life behind bars, for trying to protect her loved ones, from the savage Tommy.

Irene will be seen in the court beside her lawyer, standing trial for Tommys attack. She finally gets to see him face to face. Tommy is brought in, all suited up, with a bruised and cut face, as well as a neck brace, and a stern look on his face. Tommy is ready to give his side of the story, which is completely lies.

Throughout the trial, it doesn’t look good for Irene. The lies are to be believed by the judges, and things look like they are getting worse for Irene. Irene gets angry at what shes hears, and her lawyer has to hold her back at times.

Luckily Bella agrees to finally come to court and testify to Irenes innocence in the event. It a real emotional ordeal for Bella as she has to talk over the event and what happened with Tommy. She starts to break down as she relies her account.

It ends up that Colby who is also in court, is furious at what he hears about Tommy and completely loses his temper, and has to be held back by the guards in court. he is so angry towards Tommy. The case ends up being adjorned, however the next day, Bella finally gets the courage to tell the court, that Tommy is a rapist. How will this go down with the jury, will they believe her, what does this mean for Irene???

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