The Cube is Back with Phillip Schoefield

The Cube is back with Phillip Shoefield, and it is one of my favourite game shows.  I like to watch people struggling through each round, and I like the simplicity of the challenges themselves. I want a Cube installed in my front garden so we can hold weekly contests.  I think every neighbourhood should have one!

The Cube is back with Phillip Shoefield

Phillip Schofield is back to host the BAFTA award-winning programme The Cube for ITV which tests contestants’ skill, nerve and determination to win.

The show returns for a sixth series with fabulous new games. The pressure is on as we see contestants take on apparently simple challenges under the spotlight in the large glass cube.

Filmed in front of a studio audience, the challenges test their speed, agility, balance and memory in seemingly straight forward trials. Each player has nine lives and has to complete up to seven tasks to win.

The Cube uses state of the art filming techniques and catches all the nerve-jangling excitement and drama wherever it happens in the Cube, giving the viewer the full effect of the intense pressure felt by the show’s contestants.

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