The Chase quiz star Jenny Edwards blows the X Factor stage away

This season’s bout of X-Factor kicked off on Saturday, and we’ve already been treated to some surprises! Although the new format means many people will be familiar with some of the names on stage, the musical talent that is up for show was (and still is) very much up for questioning.

For Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Edwards however, the doubters have already been silenced. Jenny’s recognition comes from her role on TV show The Chase as a formidable quizzer, and previous ideas of her have been focused on her brainbox abilities rather than her showmanship. It didn’t take her long to turn that idea around once she got on stage though. Choosing Queen’s ‘Somebody to Love’ as her first track to cover for the show turned out to be a great choice, as her belting vocals came through and really put her at the forefront of her competitors. Although others did well, it seems like The Vixen’s stage presence and unpredicted singing prowess have already made her a favourite to win. Although Simon was characteristically reserved with his praise, judges Nicole and Louis couldn’t hold back their enthusiasm, with the former Westlife manager commending her for her “great voice”.

During the show, Jenny’s discussed her past quite side and how her quizzer role had helped her to gain confidence. Looking and sounding so vivacious on stage on Saturday is likely to have done further wonders for her confidence and we’re all hoping she can build on such a great start to impress us all with further great performances. The Bolton native may not have been at the top of everyone’s watchlist when the line-up was first announced, but now we’ve seen the first performances it’s going to be hard to leave her out of the conversation.

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