Tension is rising in the Hides household, and will Mason be found out???

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Saturdays Casualty saw the ‘Hide’ household at loggerheads. David had been living by himself, but after his son, Ollie, fell into a lake, Ollie is now living with David. Somehow Ollie also managed to convince David to let Rosa move in as well as she had nowhere else to live.

However the house is left unsettled when Ollie’s real mother sends a letter to her ex, David, demanding that her son Ollie is returned to live with her.

Both David and Ollie find it hard to be able to show their true feelings about this, and so it causes a lot of tension in the household. Rosa steps in to try and diffuse the tension, but will she succeed.

This week we also see more tension between new comer Mason, and other doctor Rash. We have seen Mason make quite a few errors recently with his work, but somehow very conveniently manages to place the blame on everyone but himself. We will start to see more of the man behind the new junior doctor this week, but will it explain the way he acts.

We will also see him make another mistake with a patient he befriends, as he seems to be quite rushed off his feet, and doesn’t properly check all the tests. He ends up letting this patient go home, but he quickly discovers he may have made a mistake, but was it too late to correct???

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