Television competitions

TVPeople love to watch reality shows and enjoy every moment with it. And when it comes with chances to win lucrative prizes the show become even more popular. Today televisions channels are trying to draw increasing number of viewers so that the popularity of the show may keep drawing sponsors! In it a business strategy after all, but as an individual viewer I feel that the television competitions give mass of people a chance to win heavy prizes easily, which is otherwise impossible in real life.

Have you heard of ITV competitions?

One such television competition channel is ITV and along with five other sister channels they are able to keep the TRPs very high. You must have heard of the immensely popular talent show the X-Factor; the X factor originated with the ITV. ITV has a host of shows that give competition questions for the views. The questions are made such that general people can answer it. This way they keep it simple at the same time increase the people participating in it. Even answering the question has easy options. One can simply log on to the official website of and answer or one can send SMS and call. The charges of the call are standard rates and the charge of messaging is 1.50 pound. A fixed time is given, most often twenty four hours and you have the chance to try for a few times that is fixed by the show. The prize money is large, most often close to thirty thousand dollars; but winning chances are equally bleak. Nevertheless people keep trying because one never knows when lady luck will favour them!

Some of the shows that give out competitions questions

The most popular show that is aired on ITV is Lets have Lunch that is telecast during the afternoon hours. It is cookery show and here you will be able to learn how to cook easy yet tasty food from the materials usually available in the kitchen. The second segment contains interaction with a celebrity guest and in the last section the competition question is given out. Here is sample of the kind of questions that are usually asked- what are the Academy Awards earlier known as? Questions related to cookery like chopsticks are also common. If you like drama you can also see the ITV secret dealers’ competition because this too is in the same genre of television competitions show. The show has its own set of dealers who visit various houses and set prices on the most coveted and heirlooms. Matters may get very intense wen the owner has to decide whether to take the offer or stay close to the sentiments. In this show too the end is drawn with a draw question. Day Break with Lorraine is yet another show in the same variety that has questions. If you are eighteen years of age and not in any way related to the promotion and the show, you can participate in the draw.

Television competitions are extremely popular nowadays and a very good marketing gimmick, but the gimmick is worth the attention it has earned!

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