Take A Break Competitions : Issue 50 Answers

The suggested answers for the Take A Break competitions from issue 50 are below. We share your answers and ours. You can add suggested answers to the comments section at the bottom of this post –  if you add the answer before we do, we will credit you in the in the list of answers. Kudos fellow comper!

Good luck in your comps!

Please note: if there are no answers here yet it is because we have not got around to doing them yet. We’ll pop the answers in as we complete them – or if we see any of you have left a comment with answers (you can leave answers at the bottom of this post!)

Suggested Take A Break Answers

This section will be updated as we find the answers (or when people provide answers in the comment section below!).

  • Page X: Comp
    • Answer:
  • Page X: Comp
    • Answer:
  • Page X: Comp

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Your Suggested Answers

Please use the comments section to share any suggested answers. If you post them before we have had the chance to answer them, we will credit you with sharing in the list above.

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