Strictly Come Dancing Beats The X Factor In Saturday Night Ratings Battle

Strictly Come Dancing has beaten the X Factor in the Saturday night ratings battle. It may come as a shock to some but it seems there is a larger fan base for the dancing show.  There will be much speculation as to why in the coming weeks but it will all boil down, in my honest opinion, to the lack of one Simon Cowell on X Factor. Get Simon back and the ratings will climb once again.

Strictly Come Dancing


Strictly Come Dancing continued to beat The X Factor last night in the Saturday night ratings battle, with the dance competition bringing a whopping 9.69m to BBC One, which is an audience share of 43.9%.

Although Strictly was down 130,000 from last week, according to overnight data, it still managed to beat X Factor, which trailed behind by over two million viewers, drawing in 7.57 million (32.9%), which is down nearly 300,000 on last week.

It was then down a further 345,000 (1.7%) in terms of those catching up on ITV+1.

Meanwhile, despite the X Factor losing out to Strictly, it seems like ITV may be planning something huge to boost those ratings next series, with Simon Cowell rumoured to be returning to the judges panel.

According to The Sun, Simon will not decide whether or he will be joining the UK judges panel until the future of the American version of the show has been decided.

The paper’s source says: “Simon has done everything he can to make the American version work. But the UK show is the biggest X Factor in the world and he’d love to be back.”


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Get Simon Cowell back on X Factor! Strictly Come Dancing has beaten X Factor out in the Sturday night ratings and ITV needs to do something about it! My vote is for Simon to come back!  He brings a spice not found without him. What do you say?

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