Stars in Their Eyes is Coming Back to ITV

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Stars in Their Eyes is returning to ITV with host Harry Hill, after 8 years of absence. This is the show where contestants mimic their idols both with voice and with actions on stage. The look-alike, sound-alike contest will be fun because of the impersonations, but even more so because of Harry Hill’s humour. Stars in Their Eyes is a funny alternative to the more serious talent shows like X Factor. X Factor has it’s funny moments but Stars in Their Eyes will be much more comedic.

Stars in Their Eyes ITV

Music fans dreaming of stepping into their idol’s shoes will have the chance to seize their five minutes of fame as Stars In Their Eyes returns to ITV.

After eight years absence the hit series is being revived in a new format by Endemol company Initial, with comedian Harry Hill presenting.

The TV classic sees contestants performing as their favourite artist, impersonating them both vocally and physically, in front of a live audience.

Viewers can expect amazing transformations as members of the public emerge through the iconic sliding doors as global music icons.

Hill said: “Without a doubt, appearing on Stars in their Eyes as Morrissey all those years ago (although beaten, unfairly in my view, by Kirsty Young’s Peggy Lee) was one of the highlights of my light entertainment career.

“So imagine the smile bought to my lips when I was asked by ITV at a secret breakfast meeting in a top London hotel to take the reigns of this Rolls-Royce of pop-impression talent shows and walk in the footsteps of showbiz giants Crowther, Kelly and Deeley! And on ITV too! Dust off the wigs and sequins – I’m coming home!”

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I look forward to the return of Stars in Their Eyes with host Harry Hill on ITV. If you’ve never seen Stars in Their Eyes, here’s a short synopsis from Wikipedia:

“The contestants appear firstly as themselves, talking briefly to the host about their lives and giving clues as to who they are going to be performing as, finishing with the now famous catchphrase ‘Tonight [presenter name] I’m going to be…’ The contestants then disappear through the equally famous doors, and reappear as the famous singer they are going to impersonate (The word ‘singer’ could be used loosely as in 1997 Julian Clary who is not known for his vocal skills was impersonated on the show by Steve Edward).

At the end of the show, the studio audience vote for their favourite, and the winner is announced. The winners from each show in the series return for the grand final to perform once more.”


The show’s start date has yet to be released so watch this space.

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