Sonia is reaching a new low on Eastenders

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After Sonia made a huge sacrifice and took a massive risk to save Martin from George talking to the police, it looks like everything is going wrong for her.

After George woke from his coma, which was induced by Martin hitting him with his truck, he quickly worked out who Sonia was. She’d made sure to be around him when he first woke up to monitor but the decision quickly came back to haunt her when George blackmailed her. He threatened to talk to the police about who’d hit him unless Sonia paid him £10,000.

Only being able to rustle up £2,000 at first, George told her that she’d need to get the rest, quickly.

Having stolen from step-grandmother Dot and getting away with it by the skin of her teeth not long ago she again turned to the show icon’s chequebook. Writing out £8,000 for herself seemed to do the trick when George assured her that she needn’t worry about the police.

Things didn’t stay stuck together for long though. Dot quickly realised that someone had taken money from her and expressed her despair.

Martin, reeling from receiving divorce papers from separated wife Stacey, was in no mood to show appreciation for what Sonia had risked. He told her “I don’t want to lose you. You’re my best mate, and it’s because of you that I was able to hold it all together” but ultimately that “I still love her (Stacy)”.

Sonia was understandably upset, considering what she’d just done for Martin. Rather than tell him what she’d done for him, she just said “You’ve got no idea what I’ve done for you! No idea!”

Having to go through hearing such heartbreaking news before heading home to find Dot on her tail is a very unpleasant way to spend your night.

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