Some familiar faces return to Ramsay street!!

Next week is going to be both exciting and shocking as we see 4 of Paul Robinsons exes return to our screen.

Paul is due to shortly marry his new bride Terese Willis, however will the 4 exes be returning to take their revenge and stop the wedding.

We#ll see Gail Lewis appear, after last appearing on the street 12 years ago. She will be there, claiming that she just wants to get to know her granddaughter, Harlow.

We’ll see Paul’s 4th wife, Lyn Scully turn up. She says she is there because she is interviewing new employees for The Retreat. However it soon becomes clear through a conversation with Terese, that, that is not the only reason she is back in Ramsay Street. She actually tells Terese that she should not marry Paul, and also then goes on to tell Paul that he should also not marry Terese and to let go of her before it’s too late. Pauls natural reaction is to think that she is just jealous.

We will also see the Alessi twins back again. Paul’s third wife was Christina Alessi, although we’ll see both her and Caroline back on our screens.

Paul realises something a bit strange is going on. Why would all his exes appear just before he is due to get married to his next wife. Its clear the women are all scheming together, but what do they have in store for Paul. Its affecting Paul’s mental health as it is.

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