Neighbours spoilers – all the Neighbours gossip from down under

If you struggle in the wait for brand new Neighbours episodes or storylines, why not check out some of the recent Neighbours spoilers? You can take a look and find out exactly what will be happening in the show before everyone else…and all the news and gossip. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

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Pierce takes the blame for the Neighbours car accident, but will it change things???

Recently on Neighbours we saw Hendrix, son of Pierce Grayson, steal his dads car and end up crashing it. Pierce is fiercely protective of his son, now that he wasn’t there for Hendrix growing up, and Hendrix is now living with Pierce. Hendrix had crashed the car into Lassiters and ended up hurting Harlow Robinson. Pierce is concerned over what this may now mean for Hendrix’s future. When the...

Neighbours spoiler: Finn and Elly hear some disturbing news, but whats the outcome?

Disaster is about to strike for Shaun, and Ella is left devastated. Finn was looking forward to Shaun returning, however he got into a fight with Bea about Scarlett, and it altered his focus away from his brother returning. Finn is rightly so, concerned that Scarlett is dangerous and that Bea is getting herself into a situation that could be dangerous. In the midst of the argument, Finns attention...

Is Mark about to leave Ramsey street for good?

Is Mark about to leave??? Mark has been fighting with a big decision, should he leave Ramsey Street for good, so that he can look after his mum Fay, who’s condition has deteriorated. Mark and Aaron were away and have come back to Ramsey street. Aarons husband, David, thinks he is back to tell them that he is leaving to go look after his mum. However it is actually...

Scarletts spreading more lies, in a bid for Ned to protect her!

Scarlett knows that things between Ned and Yashvi are fragile and she might be in with a real chance of splitting them up. She tries to make Ned think that she is frightened and vunerable by saying that an ex was was abusive to her is back and stalking and threatening her. Ned being kind hearted tries to spend more time with Scarlett to make her feel that she...

Mackenzie finally meets her dad, but will he come back into her life?

There is about to be a showdown on Neighbours, as MacKenzie Hargreaves finally gets the chance to face her dad, who she has been searching for. Her dad cruelly abandoned her, but will coming face to face with him, be a big mistake? Mackenzie had asked Shane Rebecchi to help her track down her dad, but she found out that it was Shanes actions, that had caused her father...

Scarletts still up to mischief on Neighbours this week!

Scarletts actions get worse in Neighbours this week. Since arriving, she has been making her moves towards Ned, and trying to destroy his relationship with Yashvi in any way she can, but will she have taken it a step too far? Will Yashvi now be in actual danger from Scarlett who seems to have her own agenda towards Ned. She has been trying various things to ruin their relationship...

Scarlett makes her moves to tear Ned and Yashvi apart

Things get dark in Neighbours in a new storyline twist involving New Willis, Yashvi and newcomer Scarlett. Scarlett has her sights set on Ned Willis, and is starting to make her moves to tear apart Ned and Yashvi. She has already been stirring up a lot of trouble between the two and Neighbours star, Ben who plays Ned, has been saying that there are a lot of dark scenes...

Mackenzie goes through highs and lows this week in Neighbours

In Neighbours this week, Mackenzie is on a rollercoaster of emotions, as she is desperate to find her dad, and now with Shane involved, she thinks it might actually happen, however things don’t go according to plan. MacKenzie had a good start to the week whenever his school friends all stuck by her in confronting bullies who had been annoying Mackenzie because they found out she was transgender. After...

Neighbours is an Australian soap opera that is popular in the United Kingdom. The show first aired in the UK in October 1986 on BBC1 before moving to Channel 5 in 2008. It continues to remain popular both in the United Kingdom and Australia and fans are always looking forward to upcoming storylines.

Neighbours and Channel 5 often run viewers competitions. You can check out the latest Channel 5 competitions here.

Neighbours Background

The show made its debut in March 1985 but underperformed in Australia, resulting in its cancellation by Seven Network. However, the soap was picked up by network Ten and resumed the soap in January 1986 continuing where the previous series had ended. Since then, Neighbours has gone on to become the longest-running drama in Australia television and was inducted into the Logie Hall of Fame. 

NiNeighbours follows the residents of cul-de-sac Ramsay Street and the neighbours of the Lassiters complex. When the show first aired, it focused on families the Ramsays, Robinsons and Clarkes. Today, the show features numerous other families and characters and has been responsible for launching the careers of singers Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan (who’s onscreen characters Scott and Charlene got married). 

The show is popular for focusing on family problems, romance and school problems. In fact, the show’s creators intended for the show to focus on realistic stories featuring adults and teenagers who “talk openly” and solve their problems or issues together. Since its launch, Neighbours has tackled sensitive subjects such as teenage pregnancy, mental breakdown, health problems, murders, incest, homosexuality, gambling and so much more. 

Neighbours continues to tackle these controversial subjects in its most recent episodes, leaving many fans on edge. So it’s no wonder so many of you like to read Neighbours spoilers ahead of time, just so you know what is happening ahead of time. 

Famous Neighbours Gossip, Facts And Mishaps

Neighbours has proven to be so popular that it’s featured guest appearances from dozens of celebrities who play themselves or fictional characters. Some of the celebrities to have appeared in the show including Spice Girls singer Emma Bunton, The Veronicas, Paula Abdul, Lily Allen, Matt Lucas, David Walliams and many more. 

What’s more, other countries have attempted to remake the show themselves. In 1996, Italy aired its Un Posto Al Sole (A Place In The Sun) which is set in a villa in Naples and Turkey aired its Komsular show in 2017, both of which are based on popular storylines from the original Australian drama. 

Ramsay StreetIn 2014, Neighbours made headlines for a storyline that focused on a natural disaster. In the show, a tornado ravished Ramsay Street, damaging the area and injuring characters. While recent storylines haven’t been as controversial and as well-enjoyed as this, Neighbours continues to be popular in the UK.

So if you want to read up on the latest news and gossip about the show, take a look through our Neighbours spoilers page right here. Doing so will give you an idea of where the show will be going and what new storylines the popular drama will be covering in the coming months. Prefer Home and Away or other shows – check out the soap spoliers page.

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