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Is love in the air for Willow and Alex?

Coming up next week on the Bay in Home and Away, we see a possible love blossom for Willow. Willow reveals everything to Jasmine, who is now in hospital after being kidnapped. Willows lets slip to Jasmine that Alex kissed her a few weeks back when they were having a conversation in the sea rescue center and Willow said to Alex that she felt like they had’ known each...

Colby and Mackenzie are getting close again, but will Bella stop them?

Back on home and Away, Bella is feeling let down by her brother Colby. Colby is Bellas older brother, and has been striking a romantic connection with Mackenzie. Mackenzie had actually dumped Colby after only a few dates, as she felt like she couldn’t cope dating a Police officer, as she would always be worried about his safety. This week see’s Colby try to talk around Mackenzie, to convince...

Home And Away is an Australian television soap opera that launched back in the late 1980s. Like Neighbours, the drama has proven to be hugely popular in the United Kingdom and Australia due to its timeless characters and plot lines. Here in the UK, it’s on Channel 5 and often comes with a competition. You’ll find Home and Away competition on our Channel 5 comps page here.

Home And Away Background

Home and Away spoilersHome And Away is set in Summer Bay, a fictional town at the seaside located in New South Wales. The show follows residents of the area as they navigate through life. 

Before the show launched, it was originally going to be called Refuge. However, the name was changed to Home And Away because it was “friendlier”. Since its launch, Home And Away has won 46 Logie Awards and in 2015, the show was inducted into the Logie Hall of Fame. 

Like most other soap operas, Home And Away has tackled numerous subjects including accidental death, child and domestic abuse, drug use, gambling, hit-and-runs, revenge porn, adoption, kidnapping and so much more. The show has also focused on natural disasters including cyclones, floods, tornadoes and earthquakes. 

In addition to this, Home And Away also released a special episode titled Home And Away: All Or Nothing for streaming in 2017. The special episode was dubbed the show’s most violent episode as it featured strong violence. 

While the more recent episodes haven’t been as controversial as those, the show is still somewhat highly rated by fans. So much so that fans regularly look up Home And Away spoilers to find out what is happening in new episodes. 

Famous Home & Away Gossip, Facts And Mishaps

Home And Away is currently the second longest-running drama series in Australia. Much like Neighbours, Home And Away has also featured numerous celebrity guest stars including Sia, Ed Sheeran, Atomic Kitten, Nick Grimshaw and Eliza Doolittle to name a few. 

The show has also launched several spin-offs including headLand which focused on a university but only ran for a year due to low rating. Other spins-off from the show include Home And Away: An Eye For An Eye in which former cast members Dan Ewing and Lisa Gormley returned for a special episode, and two additional feature-length episodes Home And Away: Revenge and Home And Away: All Or Nothing. 

Sadly, in July 2019, there were rumours that the show could face cancellation due to low ratings. However, it was later confirmed that the rumours were false as Home And Away continues to be one of Australia’s highest-rated television dramas and remains hugely popular outside of the country too.

Since the show is officially not facing cancellation, why not check out all of the latest Home And Away spoilers? You can find out what will be happening in the show before the storylines actually air and reading up on these fun Home And Away spoilers can make watching the show far more exciting.

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