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Hollyoaks teaser – the suspects in the ‘Who shot Mercedes’ storyline

Things are heating up for a massive storyline in Hollyoaks. Mercedes McQueen is due to get shot in a forth coming episode, that will lead to whodunnit style episodes coming up this autumn. Hollyoaks have teased out a trailer with all the suspects, and here’s a roundup! You may have seen in last nights episode that Grace Black finally exposed Mercedes for her hit and run accident, that left...

Hollyoaks: Is Tony be about to get found???

Will Tony ever escape??? Tony is still being kept kidnapped by the twisted serial killer Breda, on the pig farm. He has been desperately trying to think of ways to escape or send messages to anyone to try and save him. This week on Hollyoaks, we’ll see a familiar face come on the scene as Tonys father, Edward, played by Joe McGann appears, as they are trying to plan...

Will Hollyoaks’ Brody have another chance at becoming a father?

Luke is now interfering in Brooke and Ollies life, as he questions if they are doing the right thing for their baby. Brooke and Ollie want to give up their baby for adoption once its born, however Luke wants to try to convince the pair to keep the baby, so they don’t regret giving it up. Nancy has been supportive to Brooke over her decision and joins Brooke at...

Siennas having a hard time, will she pack up and leave?

Sienna has been having a tough time on Hollyoaks recently, and will a recent event be enough to tip her over the edge and leave Hollyoaks for good??? Sienna has been through a lot, after horrific incidents involving rapist Laurie, and finding twins that she believed were how own, which she planned to kidnap. But through it all, Brody has stood by her all the way, however recent events...

Maxine finds a friend, but will she mess things up again?

After what Maxine did, deceiving most of the village into thinking she was terminally ill, Maxine doesn’t have a lot of friends left to turn too. However a new friend appears in the form of Cleo, who is willing to give maxine the benefit of the doubt. Maxine had a meeting with her accountant and found out that her Minnie Cab business is in receivership, and Cleo takes pity...

Scott is still hiding his true feelings, but is Cleo about to find out the truth???

In Hollyoaks this week, we will see Mitchell ask Cleo to move in with him, to try and overcome his guilt over his true feelings towards Scott. Scott feels like Mitchell is messing around Cleo as he doesn’t truly love her. He confronts Mitchell about about this, but Mitchell very harshly declares that Scot is deluded, and that he regrets their recent kiss. Scott ends up getting drunk after...

Mercedes is feeling the guilt…

Mercedes is starting to feel guilty about her fling with Liam, which ended up in her having to have a secret termination. She has been avoiding having intimate relations with Sylver because of her guilt, feeling like she doesn’t deserve his love. Her Nana McQueen suggests to her that she might be better to confess everything to Sylver and face the consequences, but this isn’t what Mercedes wants to...

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Hollyoaks Background

Hollyoaks first aired back in 1995, making it one of the youngest British television soaps. The show is set in the fictional village of Hollyoaks located in Chester and much like Eastenders, the soap follows the community in their day-to-day lives. 

Hollyoaks spoilersWhen Hollyoaks first launched, it featured a small cast of only 14 characters but the count has more than doubled ever since due to its continually rising popularity. In fact, one of the reasons the show is so popular is because it tackles taboo subjects that were rarely ever addressed in British television before.  

Some of the subjects the television show has tackled include incest, underage sex, homelessness, human trafficking, rape, mental illness, bullying, racism, drug addiction and so much more. 

Hollyoaks has even spun-off into several sister shows including Hollyoaks: Movin’ On, Hollyoaks: Let Loose, Hollyoaks: In The City and Hollyoaks Later. While these sister shows never reached the same levels of popularity of the base soap, they were somewhat praised by fans. 

Although the show hasn’t been on for as long as others such as Emmerdale and Eastenders, it’s definitely managed to develop its own loyal fan base who regularly watch the show, look forward to new episodes and enjoy reading up on Hollyoaks spoilers. 

Famous Gossip, Facts And Mishaps

One of the reasons Hollyoaks is so popular is that the show isn’t afraid of experimenting and doesnt’ shy away from tough topics. In 2009, the soap launched a non-linear week in which the week’s storylines aired out of chronological order. In the same year, the show aired a flashforward episode in which the soap’s timeline moved forward six months into the following year. 

Hollyoaks - the blast spoilerOther large storylines included The Blast which coincided with the soap’s 18th birthday. This storyline resulted in the death of five main characters in an explosion along with another two characters in Hollyoaks spin-off show Hollyoaks Later. And ofcourse, for those of you old enough to remember, back in 2000, there was the post-watershed male rape of Luke Morgan — horrific, traumatising and taboo-busting.

More recent storylines have included a sex offender plot where Laurie Shelby raped his wife Sinead O’Connor, mother-in-law Diane Hutchinson and co-worker Sienna Blake. This year, the soap launched a storyline focusing on far-right extremism and radicalization. All of this has led the show to win 39 British Soap Awards, one National Television Award and 18 Inside Soap Awards. 

So if you’d like to know what may be coming up in the hit British show, read up on the latest Hollyoaks soaps to find out. Whether that’s a brand new experimental episode or just a shocking new storyline, we’ve got it all covered here.

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