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We understand that it can be difficult waiting to find out what happens in future episodes of Emmerdale, which is why we’ve created this page. You can check out the latest Emmerdale spoilers by reading the posts below, allowing you to stay up-to-date on all the latest gossip, leaks and news.

Two newcomers head to the Dales!

There are going to be two new comers on Emmerdale this month who may be quite familiar faces. The first is Tommy Cannon, who was one half of comedy duo Cannon and Ball. Tommy is 81 years old and will be heading to Emmerdale for a stint, along with actor Louis Healy. Tommy accidentally let it slip last month on Social media that he would be appearing in the...

Mandy returns, and catches Jessie in the act!

Mandy Dingle is back! Mandy is returning to Emmerdale, and we will see her walk in on Jessie cheating on her husband. Jessies husband is Marlon, but Jessie gets caught out with ex Al Chapman. Mandy is back and means business this time, however this will be the start of a storyline that will see her exit the show. Al is the one tempting jessie, saying she should go...

Nate is left reeling from losing both relationships

Nate Robinson who has been secretly liasing with Moira Dingle, has been hinting his intentions, in the latest episodes. Nate who is played by Jurell Carter, is now juggling 2 different women. Nate is dating Amy, daughter of Kerry Wyatt, who are the pair that actually started the factory fire accidentally. Kerry found out that he was cheating on Amy, with Moira Dingle, when she caught them in the...

Is Jacob going to flee the Dale?

Emmerdale has covered quite a sensitive issue involving teenager Jacob Gallagher, and the woman Maya Stepney who was grooming Jacob. Jacob was being abused by Maya, and eventually Maya was brought to trial and sent to prison for 12 months behind bars for what she had done to the teenager.  We saw a distraught Jacob in tears at the court after the verdict was handed down, and Maya didn’t...

Nate and Moira discovered!

For the past few weeks we’ve seen Moira Barton sneaking around to have secret liasons with nate Robinson, a farmhand. Next week we will see them exposed as Kerry Wyatt catches them in the act! Kerry was actually worried that Amy had told her boyfriend who is Nate, about how the factory fire really started. Kerry tries to talk to Amy about it, saying that Nate won’t be able...

Roberts storyline continues, when Aaron finds out the truth

Last week we revealed that Emmerdale’s Robert Sudgen, hide been keeping a secret of his own, in the middle of his storyline that could see him exit the show.  Robert has been charged of Grievous Bodily Harm with intent, however he has been hiding it as a lesser charge to those around him even though he could potentially be facing life in jail for his attack on Lee Posner. ...

Autumn spoilers on Emmerdale Part 2

Part two of the Emmerdale spoilers for this Autumn! Moira and Nate continue to have a secret affair, as Nate has been incessantly pursuing her. But will they come to regret what’s been happening between them, when Cain finds out what has been going on. Cain has not been known to hold back, so will his findings lead to something devastating.  A familiar daytime face is back on the...

Emmerdale is the United Kingdom’s second-longest-running soap. It’s been around since the 1970s and continues to be watched by millions of people throughout the nation on ITV and other localised channels. The show has aired several famous storylines in the past and is still well-known for its dramatic plotlines today.

We’ve got a great Emmerdale Quiz for you – why not test your knowledge? Or read up on background and big past storylines below…

Emmerdale Background

When Emmerdale first aired it was known as Emmerdale Farm before it eventually changed its name in 1989. The show was originally set in the fictional village of Beckindale but that later changed to Emmerdale, another fictional village set in Yorkshire and is one of ITV’s most popular shows.

The television show follows several families in the sleepy village including the Sugden, Tate, Windsor, Hope, Dingle, Thomas, Blackstock, Lambert, King, Barton, Sharma, Spencer families. Previous popular families included the White, Macey, Wylde, Lamb, Sinclair, Reynolds and the Bates families.  

Emmerdale wasn’t taken seriously as a British soap until the early 90s when it aired a major storyline in which four main characters were killed after a plane crashed into the village. The event led to Emmerdale’s highest-ever viewer rate at 18 million. 

 Around the same time, popular and long-term characters such as the Tates family were introduced. The show changed majorly here, receiving a much-needed injection of humour to liven the soap up. Then, throughout the early 2000s, the show began to gradually increase in popularity and sometimes even beat Eastenders in viewership.  

Recent storylines have become much more complicated and gritty. And you can find out more about the show’s upcoming storylines and episodes by reading the latest Emmerdale spoilers. 

Famous Emmerdale Gossip, Facts And Mishaps

EmmerdateEmmerdale has become bolder in recent years, trying to experiment with its storylines and episodes more. Back in 2012, the soap debuted a live episode which focused on the death of major character Carl King. Other storylines included a helicopter crash that killed two characters as well as a multi-car pile-up. Meanwhile, the show aired a special episode with an all-female cast for International Women’s Day 2019, something that had not been done before. 

This year also saw storylines including a car collision and a mystery shooting outside The Woolpack, the village’s local pub. The storyline saw the inclusion of a flashback episode which revealed what actually happened on the night; Ross Barton shot Robert Sugden. 

The show is expected to continue with its jaw-dropping storylines. You can keep updated with the show’s latest changes and any upcoming special episodes by reading the latest Emmerdale spoilers. You can check out TV Comp UK’s soap spoilers page which we’ve rounded up ourselves, giving you a chance to know exactly what will be happening in the beloved show and many other favourite soaps.

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