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More recently, Eastenders has been pushing forward with exciting new storylines and many people just can’t get enough of the dramatic soap. But if the excitement has proven to be just too much for you, you can take a look at our Eastenders spoilers page here to discover some gossip and rumors on upcoming storylines that will be hitting your screens in the following days, weeks and even months.

Eastenders’ Leo and Kush in race to convince police of the others’s fault

After Kush ran to Whitney’s defence last night, it looks like a moment of madness may cost him his freedom. As people have increasingly stepped to Whitney’s defence in the face of Leo’s harassment, Tony Parker’s son has shown no signs of relenting. Even after his brief arrest, Whitney’s rejected fling instantly got close and personal with Whitney against her will again. When Kush stepped in it looked like...

Leo goes too far and gets hurt in Eastenders

The tension between Whitney and Leo escalated to a new level last night after his stalker habits resulted in both the police and the emergency medical services to get involved. Although Whitney was initially open to being wooed by Leo, she quickly changed her mind after learning who his father was. Leo is the son of Tony King, who groomed and sexually abused Whitney when she was a child....

Eastenders Mitchell family splits up

When Keanu first came into Louise Mitchell’s life, most viewers thought the dishy handyman was a catch. Further down the line, the situation with the homewrecker has escalated and shattered the Mitchell family to pieces. After impregnating both Louise and Sharron, who’s married to Phil, Martin Fowler faked his death and let the idea spread through Walford that he’d been murdered. Actress Tilly Keeper, who plays Louise, announced towards...

Mitchells arrested for murder in Eastenders

With more and more people thinking that Phil and Ben Mitchell were responsible for Keanu’s death on Christmas, the perceived truth finally caught up with them as police put the pair in handcuffs during tonight’s dramatic episode. Once Linda drunkenly told Sharon the truth about Keanu, viewers suspected that the alienated mum would start to stir up havoc. It wasn’t long after that Martin Fowler discovered that the phone...

Has Dot left Eastenders?

Fans are worried that they’ve seen Dot Cotton for the last time, as her troubles at home compelled her to flee to Ireland. Dot’s Christmas had already been disrupted when she caught Sonia stealing money from her bank account. Although her initial accusation was correct, Sonia managed to save herself by blaming hackers for the missing cash, a lie that Dot believed. Not long after, Sonia was again stealing...

Linda tells Sharron about Keanu in Eastenders

Linda’s relapse into drunkenness may have begun to unravel the truth of what happened to Keanu in Eastenders. On Mick’s birthday, after it looked like things may be getting more positive between him and Linda, her willpower gave out. When Shirley Carter gave Linda a tough time for having to keep an eye on her, it initially looked like the aggression had pushed Linda straight back into alcohol’s arms....

Sonia is reaching a new low on Eastenders

After Sonia made a huge sacrifice and took a massive risk to save Martin from George talking to the police, it looks like everything is going wrong for her. After George woke from his coma, which was induced by Martin hitting him with his truck, he quickly worked out who Sonia was. She’d made sure to be around him when he first woke up to monitor but the decision...

Eastenders’ Sonia responds to blackmail by stealing from Dot

Sonia Fowler has started to fall down a spiral to deal with the blackmail that Martin’s victim, George, has threatened her with. George has been in a coma until recently, and so Martin’s dark secret has been kept relatively safe. Upon hearing the news of George’s recovery from the hospital that Sonia works at, she was initially excited. Her logic was that this result meant Martin wasn’t going to...

Eastenders’ Lisa stops Louise from a terrible mistake

Eastender’s Lisa Fowler walked into a horrible sight when she caught her daughter just before it seemed like she was going to kill baby Peggy. Louise Mitchell’s start to being a teen mum has proved unmanageable, as she’s had to simultaneously deal with the shock of what happened with Keanu over Christmas. Finding out that Keanu had been cheating on her with her mum-in-law, and gotten her pregnant, was...

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Eastenders Background

Eastenders is one of the most popular television soaps in the United Kingdom. It’s run for decades and has managed to create dozens of memorable characters while also establishing itself in the modern-day pop culture. 

Eastenders is a soap set in the fictional borough of Walford in East London. The borough, which is home to the famous Queen Vic pub and a small high street, is loosely based on Walthamstow’s high street market (One of the longest markets in Europe) and the London borough of Stratford; Walford is a combination of Walthamstow and Stratford. 

The show follows several families who all live in Walford as they go about their daily lives. When the show first debuted back in 1985 on BBC One, it consisted of families the Fowlers, Beales, Watts and Mitchells. 

One of the reasons the show is still so popular today is because it revolves around tight relationships and family, with each character having their own role in the tightly-knit community. 

However, that isn’t to say the show isn’t filled with drama, shocks and scandals. In fact, Eastenders is packed full of them! Since its launch, the show has had storylines on murder and affairs. It’s also tackled more sensitive topics including kidnapping, rape, mental health and abuse. 

Most people in the UK can look back at famous storylines from the show and recall exactly what happened. And most can also name off all of the classic characters from the Mitchells to the Beales. 

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Famous Eastenders Gossip, Facts And Mishaps

Since it first aired, Eastenders has won ten BAFTA Awards, twelve National Television Awards for Most Popular Serial Drama, eleven Best British Soap Awards, 13 Best Soap TV Quick and TV Choice Awards as well as four Royal Television Society Rewards. The show also won Inside Soap Awards’ Best Soap trophy for 14 years running.

Eastenders is known for numerous famous storylines including Who Shot Phil, a storyline that pulled in around 19 million viewers at its time, as well as the Who Killed Archie storyline which culminated in the soap’s first-ever live episode. Other famous plots include Zoe Slater’s adoption, child abuse through Phil Mitchell’s son Ben and a controversial storyline involving May Wright kidnapping a pregnant Dawn Swann. 

Recent storylines included a storyline on knife crime and another plot focusing on Ruby Allen which revolved around views of sexual consent. A groundbreaking episode part of this storyline saw several characters take part in a debate about consent while victim Ruby Allen listens to the characters’ opinions, including the men accused. 

The show is set to continue with these groundbreaking and gritty storylines in upcoming episodes. And if you can’t wait to find out what storylines will be debuting in the future, make sure to keep up-to-date with the latest Eastenders spoilers with our helpful page here or check out all the other soap spoilers on our site.

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