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Casualty is the longest-running medical drama in the world and is watched by thousands of people but since episodes only air once a week, many fans find the wait frustrating and end up searching for the latest Casualty spoilers to find out what will be happening. 

Take a look at our Casualty spoilers, gossip and below if you need a little help in tiding yourself over until the next episode…

Casualty Spoiler: Vincent is out for revenge after his car attack!

In a previous episode of casualty, we were introduced to a story involving Vincent Millbank, who we found out had been abusing boys back in his past. One grown up boy, came back to seek revenge on Vincent, by throwing acid into his face, and hence he was brought into the ED. The story developed that Archie ended up treating the man who threw the acid, and was at...

Ethan gets closer to Effie, and Duffy tries to help a patient

This week on Casualty, Ethan is getting closer to Effie who he has been helping to try to get on the medical trial for her condition. Effie knows that they are getting closer, so she tries to persuade him to take the day off and spend some time with her. He’e feeling tempted to do so, but has to sneak past Dylan to do it. Archie might also be...

Tension is rising in the Hides household, and will Mason be found out???

Saturdays Casualty saw the ‘Hide’ household at loggerheads. David had been living by himself, but after his son, Ollie, fell into a lake, Ollie is now living with David. Somehow Ollie also managed to convince David to let Rosa move in as well as she had nowhere else to live. However the house is left unsettled when Ollie’s real mother sends a letter to her ex, David, demanding that...

Newcomer and new kittens in Casualty this week!

Back on casualty, we had reported on the situation about Ollie moving in with David and relying his fears to Rosa about inheriting his dads bi-polar condition. Ollie has now cunningly managed to persuade Rosa to move in with them, as she was about to be evicted from her own house. As well as this newcomer to the house, they have also managed to acquire a new kitten, who...

Ollie confides in Rosa, about his concerns

Back on Casualty, David is struggling with having his son Ollie living with him full time after Ollie fell into a river, and David had to save his life. David has a lot of demons of his own, and feels like he is out of his depth to be looking after his son all by himself. He struggles to make a bond with his son after what has happened....

This autumn on Casualty – Part Two!

Coming up on Casualty this autumn…part two Recently we saw David in a very dramatic episode featuring his son falling off a bridge into a river. Thus followed a very dramatic rescue scene by David, in true casualty style. Since this happening, Ollie decided that he wanted to live with his dad full-time, which is quite unsettling for David who suffers from a lot of problems of his own....

This autumn on Casualty….ones to watch!

Coming up on Casualty this autumn… Casualty have been teasing us with Mason, and saying that he is to become one of the characters you really have to watch. Over the past few weeks we’ve seen him make some errors and also be very quick to blame anyone but himself. He’s been getting himself into more and more trouble, but will he eventually be found out? We’ve been told...

Masons making more mistakes but avoiding the blame, will he be found out?

Recently in Casualty we have seen newcomer Mason, try to make his mark on the ED and impress his superiors. However, he is also starting to make some enemies, as he likes to point the blame for any events, on anyone but himself. Mason continues this trend in the upcoming episodes, and this time its Rash who has come next in line. Rash is understandably distracted due to finding...

How will Iain be leaving casualty? Will Gem return?

Casualty is taking a break until 21st September, so here is what to expect when it returns! As we had already let slip, Iain Dean will be leaving Casualty, but will his departure be smooth! Iain, played by Michael Stevenson, has been in the show for over seven years now, but they will have him firmly in a central role for his departure. Dixie will also be leaving again,...

Casualty is a British medical soap opera / drama that launched back in the 1980s. Currently, Casualty, which airs on BBC1, is the longest-running medical drama in the world, currently (2019) in it’s 33rd series!

Casualty Background

Casualty is a drama set in the fictional Holby City Hospital and the show focuses on the lives of the staff and patients. The show is loosely tied to sister show Holby City which is based in the same hospital. 

Casualty spoilers - BBC drama

The medical drama was created by duo Paul Unwin and Jeremy Brock. Reports reveal that the show was made in response to the Margaret Thatcher era, acting as a revolution that promoted the NHS, feminism and was anti-racist and anti-conservative. 

The show has featured numerous British actors who have gone on to become huge stars. Actors who appeared on the show include Orlando Bloom, Kate Winslet, Christopher Eccleston, Tom Hiddleston, David Walliams and Jonny Lee Miller. 

Casualty covers numerous subjects, including several that are sensitive to many viewers. However that hasn’t stopped the show as it continues to touch on controversial topics, and it seems this is one of the many reasons the show is so popular in the United Kingdom and around the world. 

You can take a look at the latest Casualty spoilers to discover all of the upcoming storylines that will be featured in new episodes. Reading our Casualty spoilers is also a great way of keeping busy while you wait for the next episode to hit your television! 

Famous Gossip, Facts And Mishaps

Although only a weekly, the show has aired over 1,000 episodes. In fact, the 1,000th episode of the show aired in June 2016 and Casualty celebrated its 30th anniversary in August of the same year with the first episode of its 31st series. In the final for that same series, show creator Paul Unwin returned to write a unique episode which was filmed in one take with one single camera and five boom operators and forty microphones. 

The medical drama has also won numerous awards including Best Soap at the British Academy Television Awards, Best Drama Star and Best Drama Storyline at the Inside Soap Awards, Best Drama at the National Television Awards, Best Continuing Drama at the Writers’ Guild Of Great Britain Awards, Best Loved Drama at the TV Quick Awards and many, many more.

Casualty has also created numerous spin-offs including sister medical drama Holby City which is set in the same hospital, a Holby City and Casualty mini crossover titled Casualty@Holby City, HolbyBlue which focused on the police service but was cancelled after two series, and Casualty 1900s which was the name of several short medical dramas based in the early 1900s. 

Casualty spoilers and Holby City

While all of these shows were popular with fans, nothing was as well-loved as Casualty itself. The medical drama continues to be watched by millions and thousands of them regularly search for Casualty spoilers because they cannot bear the weekly wait any longer. So feel free to take a look at our latest Casualty spoiler if you’re feeling the same way; you’ll thank us later!

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