Sixth Contestant for Strictly Come Dancing 2019 announced on friday morning!

Another Strictly come dancing announcement!

Yes one more strictly star has been announced this morning on BBC Breakfast. We found out that Mike Bushell is the 6th celebrity star contending in the 2019 strictly show.

The presenter said “Is this a dream, It feels like a weird dream? I thought they’d got the wrong person, genuinely.”  The only person he had told that he was taking part, was his wife. “I’ve heard so many wonderful things from colleagues over the years so thrilled I’m now getting a chance”. He revealed that he has known for a few weeks, but managed to keep it a secret from everyone but his wife.

Mike went on to say he would throw himself into the whole experience and was sure he would love it from start to finish. Mike is a broadcaster, who reads the sports news on the BBC Breakfast show.  Mike actually holds the world record for trying different sports. In his slot on BBC 1 he tried to inspire people to take part in different sports and get them off the sofa. He’s tried over 350 sports, from Shin kicking, swamp soccer, to spike volleyball and shopping centre squash.  Mike is also a keen runner, having run 6 marathons, so that should stand him in good stead for the show!


When he entered onto the screen to tell the news, he ‘danced’ in with a puff of smoke and holding glittery pom-poms. 

Mike feels that he will be flying the flag for all dad dancers out there, so we’re looking forward to seeing him strut his stuff on the dancefloor!

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