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Hobby comper, TV lover and geek with a passion for motorcycles. I've a background in print and am a self-taught webmaster. I mainly look after the website, adding competitions/quizzes and managing the news.

Thanks to everyone who took part in our “what would you like to see” survey (if you click that link you can still input your opinion and ideas!).

We listened to you! 🙂

Whilst we have not gone through all the individual suggestions, we have looked at the overall responses and are starting to address those that were most requested. Here we will share what we are working on and what you can expect. We’ll update it as things change and as we review the survey responses more closely. Note that we do run this website as a hobby and have full-time jobs so we’ll do as much as we can…but it just might take some time!

Below are the most popular current requests from the survey…and what we are doing about them.

1. Quizzes (pub quiz style)

Currently, adding quizzes takes soooooooo long it’s painful: the system we have is not good enough. We’re building a new section of the site dedicated to free quizzes.

  • Short term: We will add 1-2 “multiple choice” quizzes per week using our current system. You can find them here.
  • Mid-Long term: We are looking at developing a new system that will allow us to create much better quizzes for you and be able to do this faster. We hope this will be ready August/September.

2. Free Competitions

Currently the site only shares TV Competitions however lots of you are interested in free entry competitions so we are going to create a new section of the site for this dedicated to free-entry competitions with LARGE prizes.

  • Short term: Starting around 22nd July we will have a basic new page for free entry competitions and add several comps with prizes worth +£300. See them here!
  • Mid-long term: We will improve this section so it looks and works better (prize categories etc!). We will also add more competitions more regularly. Again, we hope this will be August/September.

3. Email Updates

A surprisingly large number of you wanted updates sent via email. We had a quick look into it however it might be expensive and, because we already have a Google Feedburner we decided it is not as big a priority the features above.

  • Short term: We have a Google Feedburner email alert system which sends “TV Comps” updates via email (you can sign up here). It’s not overly pretty, but it works!
  • Mid-long term: We’ll look into it!

4. Deals and Offers & Earning Money Tips

These are things that we will look into come September. At the moment they are less of a priority than the items above, however we have added a Deals Page and if we find anything interesting we’ll pop it there – we’ll also update the Amazon Deals when we see something decent!

5. News and Gossip

Quite a lot of requests for TV celebrity news and gossip, soap spoilers, gameshow / reality gossip etc. Well, we do love a good soap so why not? Might take us a bit of time to get everything in place though…

  • Short term: we’ll get a basic news feed set up on the site.
  • Mid-long term: we’ll improve it and add some quizzes etc.

Updates (what we’ve done)

  • 27th July – improved ‘free competitions’ listing and added new quizzes
    • added small number of free competitions to ‘ending soonest’ page.
    • added ‘expired’ functionality to free competitions (so they disappear after you can no longer enter them)
    • added 2 more quizzes: General Knowledge and UK Geography
    • improved quiz layout & added new format whereby you do not get sent back to the start if you answer a question incorrectly (see UK Geography quiz). We’ll be mixing the formats up!
  • 21st July – created this post and added 1 quiz and 10 ‘free competitions’ to a new competitions page.
  • 8-15th July – ran our survey to see what you would like done to this site

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