Simon Cowell Says ‘Cheryl Cole’s made some pretty dodgy decisions’

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Simon Cowell just loves Cheryl Cole but he said he feels she’s made some bad decisions thus far in X Factor 2014. Convinced she should have put some people through while not letting others through has put her in a hard position. She’ll have to work her … off to win this year. Simon was critical of Cheryl but in a fun way; they are not at odds with each other; in fact Simon claims he and Cheryl are good friends because they argue so much.


The X Factor is back and in full swing! I caught up with the charming Simon Cowell, who told me what it was like working with Cheryl again, he said: ‘We like working together me and Cheryl. If you actually argue with someone it’s a sign you like them, erm so we must really like each other!’

Adding: She’s great and she’s really passionate about her talent. I like people who want to win. I think that’s what it’s all about. I think she’s made some pretty dodgy decisions so far. There’s a few people who she should of put through and she didn’t. She’s gonna have her work cut out!”

Elsewhere, Ella Henderson – who has just hit the top spot with her debut album – dropped by and revealed that although she has a boyfriend (Matt Harvey), there is another thing she likes to keep close to her in bed – her teddy bear.

She said: ‘I’ve got a bear that travels the world with me, and it’s got a little dressing gown on it. Whenever I get into a hotel room, he sits on the bed right in the middle and it’s really stupid, but I always get a badge from whatever country I’m in and pin it on to him, so it’s like he’s travelled all the world now.’

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Simon Cowell just loves Cheryl Cole and he thinks he has an edge on her this year. Simon would love to have one of his acts win the competition and he’s positioning himself against Cheryl by claiming she’s made ‘dodgy’ decisions thus far. Is it a ploy or is Simon right? Cheryl wants to win too and I think she has things under control thus far. How about you?

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