Simon Cowell is back!

Simon Cowel

After quitting the X Factor UK panel two years ago, to focus on the US version of the show, Simon Cowell revealed that he is going to be more concentrated on the show, because he thinks of it as his ‘baby’. He says this year he will have a more ‘hands-on’ role on the X Factor.

Simon said: I’m definitely getting more involved and will have a role in the next series. I’m not going to lie – I do miss doing it, because it’s like my baby. It’s been difficult the last two years not being on the show as I always had a great time and the last time that I did do it, it was such a brilliant year. So at some point of course I’m going to come back and do the show. Could this mean that he will return as a judge? The show’s last series had disappointing ratings, and the producers are looking for ways to revive the audience’s interest, and Cowell’s presence could definitely help.

Simon talked to Hello Magazine at the Shooting Star Chase fundraising event, held by him at the Dorchester Hotel in London, and brought up the subject of his Twitter rant last week. He admitted that preparing for this event made him post such emotional messages: I think it played on my mind when I was sending the tweets, sometimes you have those nights, and it was a marathon work session on the phone as well, where afterwards you fall straight asleep or lie there thinking. And I was thinking I had a lot to be thankful for. Even if I didn’t have what I have materially, I haven’t got a sick child.

Last week, while being on a 12 hour flight, the music mogul decided to catch up on his tweeting by posting 17 messages in less than an hour. His tweets we’re about his latest projects and artists that he manages but also reflections on life, health and happiness. He also wrote that there will be a lot of good changes on X Factor UK and USA, and he feels excited about that.