Simon Cowell is a good liar according to Ant and Dec


Ant and Dec were guests at Daybreak this morning where they talked about their next prank for Saturday Night Takeaway. This time the victim was Piers Morgan and the boys got some help from none other than Simon Cowell.

Piers is tricked into believing that he had destroyed a painting worth £450,000 by  Dec, disguised as a fruity-looking art dealer and security guard Ant. Simon is the one who wants to buy the ‘masterpiece’, but when Piers is left alone with it, the painting crashes on the floor and breaks.

John Stapleton asked the guys if Simon was good with deception to which Dec replied: Simon was brilliant.. I mean I wouldn’t say he is a brilliant liar… John Stapleton follows:  But, you did… and Dec is forced to admit that Simon Cowell is indeed a brilliant liar.

The Geordie duo also talked about their revival of 90’s hit Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble on last week’s episode of Saturday Night Takeaway. Ant and Dec, or PJ & Duncan took the stage after the reunited bands from The Big Reunion performed.

Ant explained the whole idea:  It was just a joke. We were fans of the Big Reunion anyway, so we were going to do something with them at the end of the show. Then we realised that we didn’t kind of have enough to fill what the End of the Show, Show, normally runs to. We thought well, we could possibly dust off the old baseball caps and give it a go for a laugh. The production team on Saturday Night Takeaway went mad, saying, ‘We remember that song, let’s do it!’ So we thought it would be a bit of a laugh then, we’ll do it. We never expected we would be number one in the midweek charts. Dec continued about their rehearsal of the hit: We did a little bit of rehearsal on Thursday. We had four hours in our schedule to rehearse the dance, and we spent an hour and it all kind of came back to us. We’d obviously done it so many times in the past it all came back to us, so we had three hours off.

Joke or not, the boys releasing again their hit was a really smart move, because right after the show, Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble rocketed in the charts, becoming no.1 in the iTunes chart. The funny thing is, back in the day, their song didn’t do that good in the charts.