Simon Cowell Creates Eight-Piece Boy Band — ‘One of the Best Groups Ever on X Factor’

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Simon Cowell has formed another boy band on this year’s X-Factor that he hopes will be as popular or even more so than One Direction. This new 8-person band is made up of guys who didn’t pass through the solo auditions but who Simon thinks will make it all the way as a boy band.  Reports say there was such an abundance of male talent in their age group that just dumping good talent was not an option. So they formed another band instead.  The Monkees must be remembering their manufactured start as well.

SImon Cowell Boy Band X Factor

Simon Cowell has created the biggest X Factor band ever by putting together eight solo acts. 

The music mogul is hoping to achieve similar success as he has with One Direction – who were formed on the ITV talent show in 2010 – by forming a new all-male group after all eight impressed on their own but failed to make it through as solo artists.

A source told The Sun: ‘The boys were the strongest category by far at boot camp and it really hurt the judges to say goodbye to so much talent. In the end they decided to make the extra boys into one big group. Between the eight of them they’ve got everything they need to be a success.’

The boy band don’t have a name as yet but they have now gone away to see if they can gel as a group and become friends to help their success.

The source added to The Sun newspaper: ‘The boys have been told to go away and gel. They really need to find an identity they can all agree on and to become friends.

‘One Direction might have been manufactured but it worked because they were friends and they went in as equals and none of them have huge egos. This new band needs to find the same thing.’

According to the Daily Mirror, Simon said: ‘There’s so many four piece bands, five piece bands, three piece bands- to see eight talented guys because the sound of your vocals together on the chorus, it’s like I’ve never heard this before from a group like this.

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If this new not-yet-named band is a success, they could surpass One Direction’s estimated 70 million pound value. Simon’s betting heavily on this one and smells success in the air. Nothing is as exciting to young girls as a boy band, and when the band has 8 people to choose from, they are sure to find a heart-throb among them. Good job Simon, keep that business mind and musical ear sharp.


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