Should we be trusting of newcomer Leo???

Recently on the square we’ve seen Whitney having a drink and getting close to a new face on the square, Leo King. They seem to have developed some what of a romance, but Leo is still unaware that it was his dad, Tony who sexually abused Whitney as a child.

Whitney had been left broken hearted last month, when her fiance Callum called off their wedding, as he realised that he was gay and had feelings towards Ben. Whitney went off for a while, and since coming back home, she has awkwardly tried to regain a friendship with Callum, but still has feelings there for him.

Then Leo comes on the scene, and immediately tries to win over Whitney, by asking her out for a drink, and the two seem to kick it off.

Leos father Tony, was a paedophile who had groomed and abused Whitney when she was young. He got found out and went to prison for what he had done, but took his own life before ever being released.

Eastenders has spilled that Leo is definitely a character who should not be trusted. He has grown up as the son of a paedophile, and we’re unsure as to why he really wants to be in Whitneys life. He believes that his father was wronged, so is he back for revenge???

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