Shelias back!! and Chelly is no more!

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Sheilas alive!!! Thankfully we find out this week that Sheila is alive! Kyle and Gary were worried what had happened to her, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Sheila car is found abandoned in the bush and she is rushed into Erinsborough hospital. Sheila seems to be embarassed about what has happened and all the fuss she has caused, however Gary and Kyle want to know the details of what she was doing away out there. Sheila admits that she had went out to meet a guy to talk about Garys cocktails, in a way to mend things with gary. However her car broke down whilst she was out there, and she was wandering around the bush. Gary feels so bad about everything and starts to come around to his mum after hearing all this, so things might finally be mended between them.

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, we see Chloe and Elly double-date with Bea and Finn. However things take an unexpected turn when Chloe tells them that Elly is her girlfriend. This doesnt go down very well with Elly. Its at this point that Chloe starts to see that her and Elly are not on the same page, and maybe a relationship between them isn’t right from Elly. They decide to break off the relationship before it even got a real chance of starting.

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