Serial Killer Breda strikes again with a heart wrenching kill

Coming up on this weeks Hollyoaks, we see serial killer Breda strike again. Harry is one the phone to his dad, who hasn’t answered, so he’s leaving an answer message.  Just as he approaches an alleyway, we see Breda step out of the darkness and stab Harry right in the stomach. Harry immediately stops and drops his arm holding the phone. Breda takes the phone, and drags a stabbed Harry into the alley. Harry still able to speak asks, “You stabbed me, why?”  breda replies, “I’m a protector of gods children, either way, you would have ruined that childs life”. 

Harry stumbles and falls onto his back, saying “I’ve got to make things right, I was gonna do the right thing.”

Breda replies “Deadbeat dads, don’t deserve to live”.

Breda (played by Moya Brady) was meant to be heading down the aisle with long standing character Jack Osborne, but she gets distracted when she sees her next victim in Harry. 

Breda also discovers Joel in bed with her daughter Goldie. Breda has been seeking guidance from priest Joel, so she is completely shocked at this discovery. She feels let down by them both, but will any of them be her next victim.

She also discovers that Mercedes has been cheating on her son Sylver, this has her seething in rage, so could Mercedes also be on the hit list.

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