Secrets from the Clinks — Now this is the Real Story!

Secrets from the Clinks — yes, I said clinks, not links you lovely Internet addicts, reveals the past crime lives of current celebrities’ blood lines. That’s right! Now you can go into the history of your favorite ITV stars and see what their ancestors did to deserve their terrible punishments. Secrets from the Clinks holds some very bizarre and interesting history.

Secrets from the Clinks

Celebrities are used to airing every little detail of their lives in public, but how would they feel if they knew the intimate lives of their ancestors – including the crimes they committed – were to be publicised on national telly?

That’s exactly what happens on Secrets from the Clink, a fascinating new two-part series that sees Strictly Come Dancing judge Len Goodman, comedian Johnny Vegas, actress Michelle Collins, broadcaster Mariella Frostrup and reporter Daisy McAndrew discover the crimes their ancestors committed, dating back to the Victoria Era – and how they were punished.

The Victorians built many of the prisons still in use today, including Pentonville, Wormwood Scrubs and Strangeways, but life inside them back then was very different.

Prisoners were subjected to isolation and hard labour, and the alternative was transportation somewhere else. Or the death penalty.

Secrets from the Clink gives an insight into life in a Victoria prison, and shines the light on some of the misdemeanours of the stars’ family members.

In the first episode, on Wednesday August 6 on STV, Len Goodman is shocked to learn that his great-great grandfather James Blackhall was assaulted by his own son Henry.

Henry threatened to kill his father with a pickaxe, assaulted his mother and was sentenced to five years penal servitude.

“He was obviously a hooligan, basically, out of control, and with a vicious temper. Well, I think Henry got his just desserts,” a sickened Len said after learning of the crimes.


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Secrets from the Clinks raises some serious questions about the social rank and prosperity of celebrities we know today. Obviously for some people, their past history of their ancestors doesn’t affect them today. I wonder how true that will be for celebrities in future years with the worldwide reach news has today. Best to keep your life clean from offense!