Saturday Night Takeaway big return!

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After a 4 year break, Ant and Dec brought back on the ITV screens there much-loved variety show “Saturday Night Takeaway”.  It seemed that everyone was looking forward for the show’s return because the ratings peaked, beating BBC1’s Let’s Dance for Comic Relief , with more than 7 million people watching.

For the first edition of the 10th series, the magical duo we’re joined by Robbie Williams, David Walliams and Louis Walsh, which was involved in a hidden camera prank. This must have been the show’s highlight by far, because it was seriously funny. The segment entitled “I’m A Celebrity… Get Out Me Ear” , was proof that Ant& Dec can be true puppet masters, with the help of Louis that was obeying every command. It looked like he was trying to keep his job on the X Factor panel, but he proved to be a good sport.

The whole show was actually funny right since the beginning, and very well executed, taking into consideration the various themes and segments. There was a new section added to the show, called “Right Up Your Tweet”.  This was an attempt to mix social media with television, which is tricky thing to do, but it actually worked provoking some real good laughs. The plan is to have a member of the audience ribbed on what they have tweeted, with the help of the recently revived bands 5ive and 911 singing that person tweets. It was really funny hearing them sing with a lot of feeling tweets like “22 days until my new do…could wet my pants”. The person chosen to be the victim, Sarah, turned out to be a good laugh. So after being embarrassed in front of the whole nation, she received a free holiday.

Another delighting part was the Win the Ads segment, which made it back on screen with guest announcer was David Walliams. Another awaited section was Little Ant & Dec, and it was actually worth the wait. With Little Ant& Dec a bit too grown up to keep pulling those blunt questions, it was time to find a new little pair. So they did a search “The Apprentice” style, which turned out to be a nice and cute touch:  Ant& Dec naming optimistic “Little Little Ant& Dec” –s in the presence of the former Little Ant& Dec, the little kids in the hall and the musical background from Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet. The choice is quite lovely, and we can’t wait to see those Hollywood stars face to face with these little two.

With everything that happen Saturday Night we can say that the show has made it through the years and Ant & Dec have managed to do a decent entertainment programme for a Saturday night

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