Samsung Galaxy Phones Will Include New ITV App

The new Samsung Galaxy mobile phones will include the brand new ITV app in an exclusive deal struck between ITV and Samsung. Watching ITV on your mobile phone while on the go extends ITV’s coverage and gives you the best shows on the planet wherever you are.


ITV has given its ITV Player catch-up app a revamp, but only Samsung devices will get access to the new service — at least for now.

The refreshed service, which apparently will boost playback performance, is exclusive to Samsung’s range of smart phones and tablets, including the newly-minted Galaxy S4 smart phone.

Other gadgets that get early access to the new app are the Galaxy S3 and S2, the Galaxy Note and Note 2, as well as the Note 10.1 tabletGalaxy Ace 2 and Galaxy Tab.

ITV says it will be letting owners of non-Samsung smart phones download the new app, but Samsung has an exclusive grip on it until the very end of August. Fingers crossed that once September rolls around, TV fans who own HTC, Sony, LG or Motorola mobiles will be allowed to get in on the fun.

The broadcaster cites Android fragmentation as a reason that only Samsung phones get the new app for now. “The fragmentation of the Android ecosystem is well known”, ITV’s online boss James Micklethwait said, “Therefore, as a commercial broadcaster it makes sense for us to partner with the leading manufacturer of Android devices.”

ITV’s app is much in need of a lick of paint, having collected a whopping 3,424 one-star reviews on Google Play, for an average score of just two stars.

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Do you use the ITV app now on your desktop computer?  I like to use it when away from home while still in the UK.  The new ITV app is more of a revamp than a new app, but it’s exciting to see Samsung involved in broadcasting ITV.  Will you be trying the new app?

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