Sam Faiers wants Joey Essex Back!

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here romance has made Sam miss her ex!

Sam Faiers
Sam Faiers

Sam Faiers and Joey Essex have been on and off for years. Ever since Joey first appeared in the hit show ‘The Only Way is Essex’ we saw sparks fly between the pair and their rocky romance has kept us glued to our screens for months.

Sam and Joey always seemed like one of those couples who were just perfect for each other, but youth and immaturity got in their way. We were sure, as Sam Faiers claims to be, that despite all the fighting and the break-ups that they would still somehow end up together.

When a very nervous Joey proposed to Sam last year, we were sure that that was it, and they couple would live happily ever after, however it was just months later that the pair split for good. Even in this most recent series of TOWIE they were not able to put their differences behind them and rekindle their romance.

Despite Sam’s best efforts it seems that Joey had had enough and in the end despite claiming to still love her, he refuest to take her back. Joey then went on to leave the show and broke out into another popular ITV reality show ‘I’m a celerity…Get Me Out of Here!’ It was during his time in the jungle that Joey met the gorgeous model Amy Willerton. It was clear that he took a shine to her from the first moment that they met, and throughout the series we watched the pair flirt and giggle their way to romance. The pair made it official that they were seeing each other after they came out of the jungle and a series of photographs of the couple looking cosy as well as public tweets confirming their affections for one another have obviously got Sam Faiers all riled up.

Instead of getting drunk and crying, or making any horrible and embarrassing declarations Sam instead has simply decided to show Joey just exactly what he is missing. Despite it being the festive season and the time where surely even the most strict dieters can relax and pig out, Sam has decided to follow a very strict no carbs no alcohol diet. It certainly has proven to work as Sam has recently posted pictures of her fantastic new body in a series of sexy selfies in racy underwear to get Joey’s attention!

However despite looking fantastic and seeming extremely confident we think secretly Sam might be feeling a bit low. It was of course this time last year that her ex fiancé Joey, 23, publically told Sam: ‘We’ll definitely be married by next Christmas.’

However this is now obviously not the case. They both admitted being engaged put pressure on their relationship with Sam saying

‘After we got engaged, the pressure on our relationship made us argue. Now we’re a bit scared to throw ourselves back into it as we don’t want it to go back to how it was.’

However even though they both admitted this was the case, it wasn’t enough for Joey to decide to give it another go. Now he has found fame and a new relationship outside the world of TOWIE Sam is terrified she will never get him back.

Sam was recently voted ‘best bikini bosy’ ahead of her main rival Amy Willerton so you never know –perhaps that will sway Joey! Will she ever get him back? Watch this space!

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