Sam Callahan is the latest act to leave the X Factor

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No surprise this week as favourite to go, Sam Callahan was the latest act to be voted off the X Factor

Well he had a good run but this week, for the first time, the act to leave was the act everyone expected to go. Sam Callahan had been treading water for weeks now with negative comments from judges and performances that were notably poorer than the other acts. Finally Sam could hold on no longer as the judges opted to let him go, voting against him when up against Luke Friend –another from the boys category. Louis of course refused to vote for either of his acts, being in the bottom two for the first time since this year’s X Factor began, but the decision seemed all too easy for the others.

Louis Walsh
Louis Walsh

Luke seemed less prepared for the shock of being in the bottom two and struggled to get through his survival song performance of U2’s ‘I still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’ his voice noticeably shaking and filled with emotion as he sung. Sam also chose a tear jerker for his final song delivering a strong performance of ‘Iris’ by the Goo Goo Dolls. It was not enough however to see him through to the next round.

Luke has always been a favourite with the judges and his quirky look and refreshing approach made it an easy win form him against the more mainstream Sam.

However Sam was gracious in defeat and it was clear that the boys had developed a friendship in the house as he draped his arm around Luke while the judges made their decision. Once the final blow had been dealt he gushed about what a brilliant time he had on the show, telling Dermot O’ Leery:

‘Thank you so much. I’ve had the most amazing time, I have no regrets. This is just the beginning of a massive adventure and I cannot thank you enough for being a massive part of that.’

Louis Walsh wasted no time heaping praise on the young singer saying ‘He’s a fantastic role model, he deserves to be successful no matter what he does.’

Sam had been targeted by Gary Barlow for his mediocre performance during disco week. Week six’s theme was ‘The Great British Songbook’ and Sam made the risky decision to play guitar in his performance while singing, unfortunately this did not work in his favour and as Gary was quick to point out afterwards, his timing was out. It seems that there is no room for mistakes in the X Factor as the next thing he knew he was in the bottom two. Praise from Gary came too little too late as he described Sam’s survival song as ‘The best performance I have ever seen you give.’

Of course famous twerker Miley Cirus also deserves a mention, if nothing else for actually remembering to get dressed for her performance! The young singer who has recently been making headlines for her raunchy performances and onstage drug taking toned it down for the X Factor and rather demurely performed her single Wrecking Ball wearing a floor length golden gown while astride a giant sand dune.

Now with only 6 acts left the competition is sure to intensify even further with the X Factor crown still firmly within each of the acts sights. Currently Sam Bailey is odds on favourite to win, but who do you think deserves the prize?

Next week’s X Factor is sure to be a blinder as it’s the shows 10 year anniversary, and with performances from great artists who owe their careers to the competition such as JLS, Olly Murs and One Direction, we for one cannot wait!

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