Robbos been kidnapped on Home and Away this week, will he escape?

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Last week Robbo went missing, but we’ve now found out that he has been kidnapped.  Robbo was at the graveside of his family who had been murdered. Just as he was saying his goodbye, before leaving the country with Jasmine, to try and protect her, Robbo is kidnapped, and wakes up chained to the wall in a pit.

Robbo then meets Dylan Carter, played by Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, who we learn is the man who Robbo suspects killed his family. Robbo is released from the cell they are holding him in, and Robbo ends up fighting Dylan, which leads to Robbo getting control of the fight.  Robbo wraps a chain around Dylans neck to choke him.   Robbo is out for revenge for what they did to his family, however things take a twist whenever Dylan says that it wasn’t him who killed Robbos family.

This leaves Robbo torn as to what to do, and questioning if Dylan is telling the truth or is he lying so Robbo will let him go.  Robbo also fears that if it was true, it would mean that the real killer is still at large.  Dylan says he konws the real identity of who killed them, but will Robbo release him to find out, or does he think he’s lying?

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