Robbie Williams says the Brits are boring


After his appearance at the Brit Awards, Robbie Williams made sure that everyone heard his opinion about the fact that nowadays the bash just got dull. And we might believe him if we take into consideration the fact that he has won more awards than any other male artist…17 to be more precise. The star has made the remark through a brand new track, in which he said that the ceremony is “F***ing boring” and “dull and professional”.

He posted the link to the song, titled “Brits 2013”, on his website with the comment: Here’s a gift from me and Guy (Chambers). We wrote it on Saturday, recorded it on Sunday … If you have kids in the room, don’t play it.

He reminisced about the good days when everything was much more interesting like when he challenged Liam Gallagher outside for a fight, or Oasis we’re being nasty to Michael Hutchence :

I’m from 1996 and 1997 where there was Chumbawamba throwing a bucket of water in John Prescott’s face or Jarvis Cocker getting up on stage and then being thrown off when Michael Jackson was on. Or Oasis being nasty to Michael Hutchence or me offering Liam Gallagher out. I see everything I do as being entertaining. And that was entertainment. People should be more badly behaved or at least interesting.

He even rapped about this in his spoof-song: Well that Brits night was so f***ing boring… Coke in the bogs till seven in the morning / Look the wrong way and we end up brawling / Then I had a bit of beef with you-know-who / and I f***ed a few female stars or two.

After a few days from his song release he declared at Radio 4’s Front Row show that the Brits we’re like a “dentist convention”: I was backstage and it was dead — it might as well have been a dentists’ convention. He was fair and admitted that his own performance of Candy was boring, but he didn’t have the audience to work it. I was a bit dull — my performance wasn’t amazing but I didn’t have anyone to vibe off in the audience. I turned round on stage and saw a dead hall .Maybe they should have had some punters in.