Rising Star Not So Great: Take Notice ITV

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Rising Star just  might be the flop talent competition of all time. ITV has placed a tremendous amount of hope in speculating that Rising Star in the UK will topple X-Factor and The Voice, but from all feedback from the first show broadcast yesterday in the United States, well, maybe ITV should reconsider their involvement and investment. This article covers the first U.S. Rising Star show, which broadcast only 15 minutes of singing out of a full 2 hours.

Rising Star

It’s hard to launch a new singing show these days. After The X Factor and The Voice, what could be next? Well, ITV’s hoping that its new show Rising Star – which kicks off in 2015 – will be the next big thing in warble-watching.

The whole idea of the show is that viewers vote on contestants in real time, with only those who pick up a certain number of votes making it through to the next stage (and seeing the big wall separating them from the audience rising up). 

The thing is, though, will it be a hit? That remains to be seen, but in America their version of the show kicked off last night – with Kesha, Josh Groban, Brad Paisley and Ludacris as the celebrity panellists. So below, we present a round-up of the critics’ reactions – maybe ITV should take note…

“‘So wake me up when it’s all over.’ That was the refrain delivered by ill-fated boy band Beyond 5 during tonight’s premiere of ABC’s reality singing competition Rising Star, but unfortunately it echoed the sentiments in my own head after watching 10 fair-to-tragic acts limp their way through a series of dated or done-to-death ditties. You can’t say, though, that host Josh Groban didn’t tip us off in the show’s opening seconds with this dire warning: ‘Let’s introduce you to the main star of our show: The wall!’ Yes, Rising Star‘s gigantic, much-touted barrier exhibited more humanity and enthusiasm than ‘experts’ Kesha and Brad Paisley (and the contestants) combined. (Ludacris, at least, wasn’t dull while boogying his way through a series of ‘No’ votes.) But great television cannot survive on the singular of an inanimate object alone.”

Read more: http://www.digitalspy.com/rising-star

It seems that Rising Star may not be a hit after all. Of course we won’t know how the UK responds to ITV’s version of the show but on paper there’s no difference between it and the U.S. version. Myself? I’m partial to the X-Factor as long as Simon Cowell is involved that is.


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