Revenge on Coronation Street is Best Served Messy

Coronation Street, the UK’s favourite evening series, has been hotting up again. If you’ve been watching you know what I mean, but if you haven’t, then it’s time to catch up. You won’t be disappointed. Ben Price is exposed in this interesting article. His character is particularly interesting and multi-faceted. But he’s part of the Platt family… uh oh… trouble ahead.

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There were times in Ben Price’s career when he stepped back and said, ‘What the hell am I doing?’ and today, stood in a studio that was done up like a court, he was thinking exactly that – and it wouldn’t be the last time he thought that tonight either. ITV, in their infinite wisdom, had created a new late night Saturday show which spelled bad news for celebrities as it potentially involved them getting completely humiliated – big time.

It was a bit like a grown-up Get Your Own Back, with one celebrity getting revenge on another for something they, or their character had done. It would involve various games and would end with a trial where the celebrity was found either ‘Guilty’ or ‘Not Guilty’ after presenting their case and adding up various points in the game. If found guilty, they faced a disgusting punishment. This week Coronation Street heartthrob, Jack P Shepherd was hoping to see co-star, on-screen brother and good mate, Ben Price get his comeuppance. Ben was very into his looks and that vanity drove Jack insane (although, he was equally as bad). Furthermore, the two friends were currently arch-enemies in the  soap, with Ben’s character sleeping with Jack’s wife behind his back. For this reason, Jack signed up for them to play the game and smirked as he waited next to a cloaked box, ready to administer Ben’s punishment, if he was found guilty.

But it wasn’t just the horrible punishment that Ben had to worry about – the creators of the show had made sure that the Court was also rigged with a humiliating forfeit if he spoke out of turn or slouched etc. Ben wore a tight grey t-shirt and black jeans, held up with a chunky brown belt. He was also bare-footed as he stood there in court. This week the humiliating forfeit came in the form of the Wedgie Machine, which was giving Ben an uncomfortable and humiliating time. His tight, white boxers had been pulled up and drooped over his jeans. A silver hook had then been hooked through them, with someone holding it at the other end so that every time unlucky Ben did something wrong, they could yank the hook up, giving the guy a wedgie. As Ben kept forgetting his manners, this happened a lot, much to Jack’ amusement. Jack, who was wearing a navy polo shirt and blue denim jeans, a dark brown belt and no shoes or socks was desperate for Ben to receive his punishment, especially as he knew how horrible it was. As much as he and Ben were good mates, he wanted to teach the guy a lesson he’ll never forget.

Finally, after a lot of cross-examining and plenty of horrible wedgies for Ben, the jury were ready to give their verdict. Ben held his breath. He hated the sound of this horrible punishment he was in for if found guilty and shuddered at the thought of Jack’s smug smile and goading if he did lose. He couldn’t believe Jack had set him up like this and was already planning to get even. For now though, he was forced to listen as the usual court procedure was followed, before the all important question was asked.

‘Do you find Ben Price’s character, Nick Tilsley, guilty or not guilty of sleeping with Jack P Shepherd’s character’s wife, Kylie Platt?’

There was barely any hesitation. ‘Guilty.’

Ben groaned and swore, earning him a double wedgie (Ouch!) before he was unhooked from the Wedgie Machine and allowed to put his boxers back in place. He could see Jack’ delighted smile already as he was led over to his punishment, shaking his head and looking absolutely gutted. Jack’ grin couldn’t have been any wider as two bouncers escorted Ben to the Punishment Zone. Ben glared at his delighted mate.

‘Mate, I was never in any doubt you’d be found guilty!’ Jack cockily exclaimed. ‘And I think you’re gonna love your punishment!’

He removed the large cloth to reveal a giant cube tank, with a stool in the middle of it. Ben looked at it in confusion.

‘You get to sit in there and have buckets and buckets of gunk poured over your head!’ Jack said, laughing his head off. ‘And even better – I get to pour them!’

Ben’s face turned to an expression of terror as Jack taunted him about his punishment. He couldn’t believe he was going to get gunged live on television – in his most stylish clothes! He shook his head in complete disbelief.

‘Come on mate…’ he pleaded with Jack. ‘You know how much I hate mess… is it not enough that I’ve just been wedgied for half an hour?’

‘Nope!’ Jack answered, not giving Ben any mercy.

‘Please…! I hate getting messy! Come on!’

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Are you a Corrie fan? Corrie is one of my families favourite shows, and we don’t watch that much television. There are times when the writing and acting come together very nicely and I always enjoy the crescendos like with what’s happening on the show right now.  If you haven’t tuned in to Coronation Street lately, it’s time to catch up. Very exciting things are going on there.

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