Real deal competition for collectables and antiques

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Real Deal antiquesDickinson’s Real Deal competition is an ITV television program that is hosted by David Dickinson. It’s the one show that deals with UK modern collectables and antiques. The members of the public can bring their antiques to the show and independent Valuers put an estimate on what value they think their collectables are actually worth. This amount is then revealed to the audience at home. The valuables are then passed on to the dealers who come up with an estimate of their own and try to buy the items by placing cash. The seller then either decides to accept or decline the offered deal. If the deal is not accepted then the items go ahead for auction. There have been many dealers in the past like David Tupman, George Baldwin, Helen Gardiner and many more.

Real Deal competition

The Real Deal competition is a contest game with a lot of prizes and huge cash prizes to be won. A person just has to answer a simple multiple choice question with an answer A, B or C. Real Deal competition also conducts an auction of a special item on the day of the competition. The winning bid of the item auctioned also becomes the winning cash prize for the competition online for that day in particular. You can win a cash prize amount of £1000 or even £6000 as the prizes and value of the item can go up.

Winning Real Deal competition

The extremely lucky winners of Real Deal competition are notified of their victory and winnings and are told to check the website for verification of the amount won. The contest has definitely won more hearts of the people and what better way is there to win a competition. The prizes have been getting more and more generous and to win the prize or cash money, you can enter the contest for free. The Real Deal competition is an online contest or you can get referred to the website and is a multiple choice question contest where you stand a chance of winning cash prizes. Multiple choice questions are mostly easy to answer and if you cannot think of the answer then all you have to do is do an online research on the question and you will definitely get the answer. Some of the Real Deal competition questions where you stand a chance of winning £2000 are-

competition questionWhich British businessman is famously associated with the catchphrase ‘you’re fired’?

A. Richard Branson,
B. Lord Sugar
C. Philip Green.

For such easy questions, the chances of winning are high and there is a new competition every weekday so you can double the chances of winning by participating every day in the competition. So how much cash you can win by watching Real Deal  will all depend on the amount of money that the item or collectable of that day is valued for. So cross your fingers and participate in the Real Deal competition as you never know which antique will prove to be extremely valuable.


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