Rape Scene Shocks Downton Abbey Fans

Many of Downton Abbey’s most avid supporters have sunned the series due to the inclusion of a violent rape scene. The rape was not actually shown, but the sounds were heard from outside the room where it took place. Some people thought the plotting was too dull and tame, but now they think it’s too violent.

Downton Abbey Rape Scene

Downton Abbey fans have complained about the new series again – this time slamming a rape scene for being sensationalist.

The ITV period drama included a storyline about one of its main female characters being beaten and raped in its most recent episode, which caused outrage from viewers, according to the Daily Mail.

House maid Anna Bates, played by Joanne Froggatt, was attacked by a guest’s valet, played by Nigel Harman, and although the rape wasn’t actually shown, viewers saw the outside of a room she had been dragged into while sounds of the attack were heard.

One viewer tweeted: “Apparently @DowntonAbbey did give a generic warning of violence prior to the start. Mea culpa. But still rather nasty nonetheless.”

Another tweeted: “For ‘family drama’ Downton Abbey to use violence against women as a plot point is morally reprehensible.

“I can’t support Julian Fellowes in depicting rape in a show that treats missing tuxedo shirts as a major crisis.”

Last week, fans of the hit show complained that the fourth series was boring with thin plotlines.

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Do you think the rape scene was necessary? Too violent? Great as part of the plot? Let us know your thoughts. They didn’t actually show the scene, but the sounds were clear as to what was happening.  What do you think could have been done better, if anything?

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