Raffy has a seizure, but finds some comforting words from a newcomer

Aspiring romance writer with a number of short stories being published May 2020 and freelance reporter on all things UK. Guilty pleasures are soap and celebrity gossip and 80's cheese ; think A-ha and Nick Kershaw.

Raffys medical trial has been cancelled recently and she is now still worried about her condition and that she might have another seizure, now that she doesn’t have the cannabis oil that seemed to help her symptoms. Her family are trying to help her with various ideas as to how to help, however they can’t come to agreement as to whats best for her, and its causing tension amongst them.

Raffy wants to clear her head and get away from it all, so she heads out by herself into the water. All of a sudden she has another seizure and she almost drowns, but Justin, Mason and John come to her rescue and pull her out of the water.


Raffy ends up at hospital after the incident, and ends up striking up a connection with Home and Aways newcomer doctor called Alex.  Alex notices how her family are mollycoddling Raffy, so she sends them all away to try and give Raffy some space. She ends up telling Raffy that she also had epilepsy but it hasn’t stopped her in achieving everything she wanted and becoming a doctor.


Raffy finds that this intervention really helps her and changes her attitude to her condition. She also embraces the thought that she can try alternative therapies for example acupuncture.

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