Prunella Scales: ‘I’ll Battle Alzheimer’s and Work Till I Drop’

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Prunella Scales, the Fawlty Towers star, is determined to not let Alzheimer’s stop her from doing what she loves the most — working. She says she’s finding it harder to remember things, but will not let the ugly disease keep her down. She says she’d rather die on stage than anywhere else.

Prunella Scales

FAWLTY Towers star Prunella Scales has talked about her battle against dementia, bravely vowing: “The condition won’t ever stop me working.”

The veteran actress is suffering “a sort of mild Alzheimer’s” and has become increasingly forgetful.

During a TV appearance yesterday she said she refused to be a victim of the condition and hoped to die on stage – “preferably during the eighth curtain call”.

Prunella, 81 – best known as hotelier Basil Fawlty’s wife Sybil in the 1970s comedy – shed new light on what it was like to live with dementia as she appeared on ITV’s The Alan Titchmarsh Show with actor husband Timothy West.

Prunella said: “I have to start learning (my lines) a lot earlier than I used to. We live in a tall, thin building and I seem to spend all day running up and down the stairs looking for my spectacles.

“I always say I want to die on the eighth curtain call. Eight will mean the show’s been rather a success.”

Timothy, 79, who hobbled into the studio on crutches nursing a broken ankle, said: “We are both getting forgetful but Pru perhaps a little more than usual.

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Prunella Scales says she’ll battle Alzheimer’s until the day she dies. We certainly hope the research being done on this horrible disease results in a solution that will help people like Prunella Scales to reverse the effects of the disease.  Good luck to you Prunella.

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